Tuesday, May 20th

Week 13

WCH - Signs WR Frenchie Buckner and places LB Brad Kjar on Injured Reserve.

Week 10

GBY - Signs CB Charles Rucker

POR - Signs FB Symeon Floyd, TE Scott Green, and DE Dan Pickarts and drops WR Brandon Burnside, TE Danny Woodson, G Brandon Bergstresser, DE Shane Sides and DT Corey Williams.

Week 9

MOB - Signs CB Toderick Malone and drops WR John Elder and DE Dan Pickarts.

UTA - Signs K Ian Howfield

Week 8

MAD - Signs QB Richard Fuentes, QB Tony Burris and FB Jami Anderson and drops QB John Hebgen and FB Symeon Floyd.

FWS - Signs LB Curtis James and drops G Michael Love.

Week 7

MAD - Signs QB Ray Marrow and S Michael Griffin and drops QB Mike Hohensee and S Kenny Gales.

MOB - Signs QB Mike Hohensee and drops DE Sam Maverick and QB John Darnell.

MOB - Signs WR A.C. Tellison, CB Nathan LaDuke and LB Peter Tuffo and drops WR Frenchie Buckner.

Week 6

STV - Signs FB Carey Brown, FB Alonzo Clark and G Raymond Kirkwood and waives FB Clarence Benford, FB Ron Punako, and G Andy Lambert.

GBY - Drops LB Ron Warner.

Week 5

STV - Signs DE Scott Camper, DE Joe Nanus and S Sam Moore and waives QB Eric Hannah, DE Randy Levels, DE Bill Borchers and DE William Morris.

MOB - Signs G Zach Barnes and drops QB Taveras Thompson and G Travis Santage.

MIS - Signs CB Frank Spraggins.

Week 4

STV - Signs QB Ricky Hebert, DE Jeff Sniffen, DT Kubanai Kalombo and DE Darrin Kenney and drops QB Ray Merril, DE Chris Howell and DT Donnell Jones.

POR - Signs G Travis Hairston and drops CB Frank Spraggins.

MOB - Signs HB Richard Prather and CB Heath Staples and drops HB Chad Hoiska and CB Jesus Gonzalez.

GBY - Drops K Sean Bergman.

Week 1

POR - Signs G Joe Felton and waives G Zach Barnes

MAD - Signs C Stacey Whitehead, G Austin Railey, and T Bruce Hall and waives G Travis Hairston, G Joe Felton, and T Kelly Quinn.

LOU - Signs DT Brian Manuel and releases DT Travis Dumke.

MOB - Releases HB Richard Prather and signs TE Eric Alford to the active roster. Waives rights to TE Scott Green and CB Adam Burrell.


MOB - Signs LB Mel Mills and waives LB Tim Duffy. Waives OL Eric DaLaere, OL Bruce Hall and S Sean Williams and signs QB John Darnell, OL Eric Arrington and DT Maxie Graham.

HON - Signs QB Paul Justin, FB Chuck Weatherspoon, WR Gary Compton, G Iosefa Pua'auli, G Adam Hotz, T Kermit Fletcher, DE Rodney Beachum, DE Donnell Moss, DT Jeff Warner, LB Brent Napierkowski, LB Cedric McKinnon, LB Craig Walls, S Robert Allen, CB Chris Barber and CB Willie Wood and Waives QB Doby Howard, WR Jason Gibson, C Dominick Boyd, T Jerome Becton, DE Kevin Holmes, DE Morrie Roe, DT Michael Harge, LB Shawn Steinlage, LB Colin Anderson, LB James Kerwin, S Nathaniel Williams, CB Max Gathers and CB Robert Carter

TEX - Signs T Anthony Daily and waives QB John Darnell, FB Jim Kitts, WR Robert Goins, G Eric Arrington, K Bjorn Nittmo, DT Kubanai Kalombo, DE Jeff Sniffen and LB Chris Baus.

MIS - Drops WR Alonzo Clayton and S Marvin Hooker and signs WR Robert Goins and S Russell Parker.

MAD - Signs FB Rodney Filer, WR Ira Hillary, G Joe Felton T Kelly Quinn and DE Jim Spady and releases FB Osia Lewis, T Leroy Lele, T Kermit Fletcher and CB Itis Atkinson. Waives QB Paul Justin, LB Tony Smith and CB Jeff Smith.

WCH - Signs HB Lincoln Coleman

LOU - Signs HB Adam Legette, WR Johnny Hawkins, and DT Travis Dumke FB Tony Burse, S Troy Hill and CB Kelvin Edwards and drops HB Calvin Mimis, FB Sloan Hood, WR Dennis Short, CB Eric Rasheed and CB Billy Osborn. Signs FB Jim Kitts and T Leroy Lele and cuts C Stephen Holloway and C Stacey Whitehead.

UTA - Signs QB Bryan Brock, HB Joey Veargis, FB Frank Leatherwood, WR Tyrone Thurman, G Alec Gibson, DE Eric Stephen, DE Lynn Rowland, DT Nate Burress, DL Tom Gilmore, LB David Clarke, CB Herman Bell, CB Rodney McSwain, and releases K Ian Howfield, QB Aaron Battle, HB Gjermaine Williams, FB Louis Callaway, TE Rahsentu Jenkins, G Austin Railey, DT Donnell Moss, DE Kym Trueblood, DE Jason Delgato, DT Tyler Hill, LB Jason McIntyre, CB Ed Wynn, and CB Clayton Holmes. Signs QB Ben Bennett and HB Tony Collins.

GBY - Drops QB Rod Slavens, QB Matt D'Orazio, RB John Humphrey, TE Duane Monlox, DE Steve Ashe, DT Ted Coleman and DE Scott Camper and signs WR Bret Cooper, WR Anthony Anderson, TE Lance Strother, TE Rufus Bees, K Michael Black, G Calvin Turner, T John Levelis, LB Dirk Reesing, DE Kim Johnson and CB Derek Stingley.

STV - Signs C Greg Swartwoudt, CB Cecil Doggette, WR Cedric Tillman, S Brian Gardner and G Michael Love and waives C Ted Aden, CB Todd Tryon, WR Donald Blackmon, S Shannon Poppinga, G Jamie Lee Grey

BLK - Waives WR Jamar Nailor, DL Eric Stephen, DL Tom Gilmore, LB Darnell Merriweather, LB Rhett Stallworth and DB Steve Trimble

COL - Signs S Michael Clark and CB Jorrick Battle

POR - Waives P Tim Williams and signs P Phil Aguilar. Signs TE Danny Woodson, G J.C. Neel, G Zach Barnes, LB Terry Langston, LB Darnell Merriweather, CB Pat McGuirk and CB Falanda Newton and waives OL Ken Otte, OL Randy Rouse, LB Rufus Smith, LB Ronald Holden, CB Herbert James and CB Lenny Taylor.

DAY - Signs C Pat Ogrin, DE Ricky Newman, LB Mike Renna, LB Pete Antonion and waives HB Tahki Banniser, G Darrin McMillen, WR James Scott, G Adam Hotz and CB Michael Hunter

FWS - Signs QB Blair Kiel, G A.J. Sebastianelli, DE Peter Endre, LB Chuck Phifer, CB Steve Pringle and waives QB Mike Nelson, G Tyrone Fittie, DE Ben Ennis, LB Jovan DeWitt, S Ike Anigbo, CB Earl Work and CB Kevin Cleveland

MOB - Signs TE Nicky Seymour and cuts QB Tom Porras





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