Thursday, August 17th

Week 10

Mobile trades WR Travis McGriff, G John McDermott and a 2nd round pick to Fort Wayne for DT Joe Bock, S Randy Chappell and CB Scotty Lindsey.
Interesting trade. Mobile trades away 2 young players, WR McGriff and G McDermott and a 2nd round pick for 2 DB's in their prime and an aged DT. Fort Wayne may suffer a slight loss at DB, but in the end, we like this alot for the Safari.

Week 9

Mississippi trades QB Darnell Arceneaux to Mobile for QB Matt Strand and a 6th round draft pick.
QB Darnell Arceneaux may finally get to see some significant playing time in Mobile, as he was the odd-man out in Mississippi.

Week 8

Wichita trades DL Sebastian Barrie and CB Kenny McEntyre to Portland for DL Leif Murphy, CB Allistair Sebastian and a 2014 4th round pick.
The key to this whole deal is McEntyre, and Portland just got away with the steal of the century. Sebastian is good, and Murphy is good, but McEntyre is a top-5 DB in the league.

Wichita trades QB Jay McDonagh to Mississippi for a 5th round draft pick (LOU).
Mississippi gives up a 5th round pick for some veteran insurance at QB.

Week 5

Madison trades HB Omar Bacon, a 2nd and 3rd round pick to Mississippi for HB Charles Stackhouse and WR Matt Burnstein.
Madison brings in some youth with Stackhouse, and a #1 WR in Burnstein, as Burnstein has all the necessary tools to be a top-WR for years to come. For Mississippi, the Firedogs get Bacon, who will likely be a starter at HB, or FB, as well as a load of draft picks. Great deal for the Firedogs, let's be honest.

Tennessee trades DT Cameron Chance to Honolulu for DE Jamal Naji, a 6th and 8th round pick.
Slight improvement for Hurricanes at DL, costing them Naji and some late-round picks.

Louisiana trades HB Bobby Phillips, T Devin Volzke, DT Maua Tao, LB Ed Nwagbaraocha, CB Antoine Sanders, a 2013 2nd and 3rd round draft pick to Louisiana for HB Marshall Dos Reis, HB Leotis Flowers, HB Rodney Filer, T Scott Hough, LB Scott Power, S Junior Green and a 2012 1st round draft pick.
The Bayou Beast head in a new direction, as they aquire HB Dos Reis to become the next HB of the future, while aquiring some more youth at LB. For Dayton, they get a much needed presence at HB, as Skyhawk fans hope Phillips can carry the load.

Week 3

Honolulu trades WR George Williams, DE Aaron Humphrey, LB Brian Berg and a 4th (LOU) round draft pick to Mobile for LB Dedric Maffet, CB Mark Ricks, and DE Sam Hardy.
Coming soon.

Portland trades T Clay Arnold, DE Teto Simpson, LB Willie Smalls a 1st, 3rd and 4th (MOB) round draft pick to Mobile for DE Leif Murphy, LB Mike Maslowski, CB Allistair Sebastian and a 5th round draft pick.
Coming soon.

Honolulu trades S Randy Chappell to Fort Wayne for WR Marcus Nash.
Coming soon.

Honolulu trades HB Marshall Dos Reis and WR Oronde Gadsden to Dayton for WR Bobby Sippio and T Justin Ard.
Coming soon.

Honolulu trades CB Kenny Haslip to Louisiana for WR Bernard Edwards and LOU 5th round draft pick.
Coming soon.

Honolulu trades WR Eddie Brown, T Sai Poulvatti, DE Bennie Goods, LB Kailan Williams, CB Jonathan Ordway, a 1st and a 5th round draft pick for WR George Williams, DT Pete Jablonski, LB Leroy Thompson, S Wade Fauntelroy, CB Delmonico Montgomery, a 2nd (MIS), 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th round draft pick.
Coming soon.

Week 2

Portland trades a 2nd, 4th and 6th (WCH) round draft pick to Mississippi for HB Jeggil Duggers.
Portland aquires the young HB Duggers for 3 draft picks. Mississippi, with the emergence of HB Bam Morris and with HB Chris Avery in reserve trade aware a future start for several picks.

Week 1

Black Hills trades WR Freddie Solomon and a 3rd round pick to Connecticut for a 2nd round pick.
Solomon finally gets a chance to start as he finds a new home in Connecticut.


Peoria trades FB Frank Leatherwood to Portland for a 5th round draft pick.
Coming soon.

Springfield trades CB Riley Ware to Connecticut for a 5th-8th round pick in 2012 and a 6th (LOU's).
Coming soon.

Louisiana sends HB Bam Morris and a 2012 5th round pick to Mississippi for HB Darnell Small, OL Devin Voltzke and a 2nd round choice in 2012.
Expensive trade for the Firedogs, however they finally have their franchise HB they have been seeking for many years. Look for HB Chris Avery to get less time as the FireDogs try to break in Morris. The Beast deal "the best player in the draft", but the keys in this deal are the 2nd round pick and OL Voltzke.

Draft Day

Portland trades its round 7 and 8 picks as well as Wichita's 7th round pick for Wichita's 2012 6th rounder.
Brothers exchange picks as their is no late-round spark of interest.

Dayton trades its 3rd and 4th round picks to Springfield for QB Jay Gruden, FB Marrio Grier, and Springfield's 3rd round pick.
A disgruntled Jay Gruden, not wanting to "mentor" Andy Kelly from the bench, packs his bags and his favorite blocking back then heads off to "a city near Miami", realizing only later that they meant "Miami, Ohio"; tragically, it was too late to correct the error.

Portland trades its round 3 pick (LOU) and LB Josh Liddell to Mobile for Mobile's 2012 round 4 pick and LB Bobby Jurasin
Portland and Mobile, desperate for some sort of action between e-mailed draft picks, scramble to find something to do and voila!

Connecticut trades DL Sylvester Bembery and a 4th round 2012 pick to Louisiana for a 2nd and 6th round 2012 draft pick.
Louisiana goes after one of the greatest Defensive Lineman in the game, but is a 2nd round pick alot to give up for this veteran? We'll see, as Louisiana has always been a safe haven for veterans.

Billings trades S Thomas Daniels to Mississippi for FB Dawan Moss and a 5th round pick in 2012.
Good deal for Billings who need some youth at this position. Mississippi is slim at DB, so Daniels adds some depth in a draft that is low in DB talent.


Tennessee trades QB Andy Kelly to Springfield for QB Sunny Cumbie.
Excellent trade for Tennessee as they get the strong-armed Cumbie. For Springfield, could be the perfect veteran to fill in where Gruden failed.

Peoria trades a 2012 #2 pick to Connecticut for a Connecticut #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, and WR Ryan Sloth.
Connecticut looks to next years draft as they give up 5 picks and WR Sloth for a #2 in 2012.