FIFL Weekly Player Awards

2025 season
September 7, 2025
Week 1

Offensive player of the week: Kenny Irons, HB, Honolulu

Defensive player of the week: Adam Austin, CB, Green Bay

Reno 10 at Bismarck 10 Timmy Chang, QB, Reno
Ronnie Palmer, LB, Bismarck
Honolulu 38 at Portland 22 Kenny Irons, HB, Honolulu
Tracy Belton, CB, Honolulu
Green Bay 14 at Minnesota 10 Russ Michna, QB, Green Bay
Adam Austin, CB, Green Bay
Springfield 19 at Colorado 20 Danny Woodhead, HB, Colorado
Dan Cody, LB, Colorado
Wichita 19 at Pittsburgh 21 Bam Morris, HB, Pittsburgh
Andy Petek, DT, Pittsburgh
Tennessee 16 at Chesapeake 19 Mike Seidman, TE, Chesapeake
Anthony Teal, LB, Chesapeake
Fort Wayne 12 at Connecticut 17 P.J. Berry, WR, Connecticut
Jeff Overton, CB, Connecticut
Nashville 14 at Marion 16 Jason Fralicker, P, Marion
Claude Wroten, DT, Nashville
Lexington 7 at Rochester 38 Mell Holliday, HB, Rochester
Ethan Kilmer, S, Lexington

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