Sunday, April 18th, 2021

End of Season

Portland trades CB Joseph Turner to Portland for a 6th round draft pick.
Portland gets a late draft pick for a veteran DB that may be of some use in Fort Wayne.

Week 9

Pittsburgh trades DT Glenroy Watkins to Reno for their 2nd round draft pick.
Reno aquires Watkins who has 16 tackles and 4.0 sacks through 8 games with Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh will receive Reno's 2nd round draft pick in 2027.


Reno trades HB William Stanback, DE David Kenney, & Reno's 2028 3rd round pick to San Jose for HB Marilion Jackson & DT Jason Jack.
Reno aquires veteran Jackson who ran for 469 yards and caught for 573 yards and added 5 touchdowns while Jason Jack did not record a stat. San Jose acquires some youth and a rd rounder in 2028 with the trade.


Wichita trades FB James Tuck to Nasville for WR Diontae Spencer.
Wichita has a crowded backfield and Nashville a receiver core, so teams make room for youth to groom.

Wichita trades their 2nd round draft pick to Rochester for HB Mel Holiday.
Wichita cuts QB Cody Fajardo to make room in the trade.

Bismarck trades C Jasper Harvey to Reno for their 3rd round pick in 2027.
Reno cuts CB Rushen Jones to make room in the trade.

Portland trades G Justin Bland to Springfield for their 6th round pick in 2027.
Springfield drops G Joe Tantigrassi to make room in the trade.

Wichita sends their 2027 5th round pick to Chesapeake for FB David Kirtman and DT Keif Bryant.
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Portland trades Rookie Drafted WR Jon Olinger to Green Bay for Green Bay's 6th round pick in 2027.
Coming soon.


Green Bay trades their 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th round pick in 2026 for Portland's 4th round pick in 2027.
Coming soon.

Marion trades Rookie Drafted Punter Colton Schmidt to Honolulu for a 4th round pick in 2027.
Coming soon.

Connecticut trades their 2026 #19 pick (POR) to Green Bay for Green Bay's 2027 #1 pick.
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Rochester trades their 1st and 3rd round draft pick to Nashville for Nashville's 1st round pick.
Nashville gets an extra pick and moves back a few slots as Rochester takes HB Maurice Clarrett.

Reno trades their 1st round pick in 2027 and their 3rd round pick in 2026 and DE Nordly Capi to Bismarck for S Dustin Fox and CB Robb Butler.
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Lexington trades their 1st round draft pick to Reno for Reno's 1st round and 2nd round pick in 2026.
Reno selects CB Ras-L Dowling 4th overall in the 2026 FIFL Draft with the pick, while Lexington moves back to 13th overall in the first round and picks up a 2nd round pick, 31st overall.


Fort Wayne trades HB Marcus Lattimore to Pittsburgh for WR Taylor Jacobs
Fort Wayne aquires fifth-year WR Taylor Jacobs for second year HB Marcus Lattimore. Jacobs has 15 career catches for 170 yards and 3 TD's along with 108 kickoff returns for 2,145 yards. Lattimore has 224 yards rushing and 3 TD's on 76 career carries along with 28 career receptions for 309 yards and 2 touchdowns receiving.