Saturday, June 9
Drops & Pickups - 1999 Season

Week 14

COL: Drops FB Patrick Sanders, HB Darrell Dixon and T Aaron Terry and picks up FB Curt Romain, HB Aldwin Lance and T Ryan Schuff.

Week 9

DAY: Drops LB Marcel Glenn and DT Keith Silva and and picks up LB Marquis Gibson and WR Gareal Hudson.

GBY: Drops LB Matt Thornton and WR Raylen Hicks and picks up LB Vinson Fraley and WR Steve Woods.

HON: Drops DE Leyland Johnston and CB Linwood Snyder and picks up DT Ralph Duke and CB Robert Carter.

MIS: Drops CB Robert Lindsey and picks up DT Jeff Holubar.

Week 8

Drops T Spencer Stephens, T John Clancy and DE John Reed and picks up TE Nathaniel Freeman, T Toby Tillman and DT Jerry Roberts.

ERE: Drops DT John Green and picks up DT Ron Dozier.

TEX: Signs PK Pete Sanchez.

UTA: Drops G Maurice Cruse.

Week 7

ERE: Drops DE Cornelius Coleman and picks up DT John Green.

TEX: Drops WR Ray Lucas and signs WR Roman Davenport.

Week 6

STV: Drops HB Byron Allen and QB Jason Kinney and signs WR Donald Blackmon and QB Carl Foder.

DUL: Signs WR Eric Gibson

TEX: Drops FB Dave Ludy and TE Wes Bell and signs QB Kenton Carr and TE Jason Burke.

ERE: Drops FB Kevin Kurimsky and C Todd Gorsline and signs HB John Johnson and C Tyrone Fittie.

MIS: Drops C Troy Turek and signs C B.J. Pate.

DAY: Drops HB Joe Sanders and S Chris Hamilton and signs HB Byron Allen and S Tony D'Amico.

Week 5

DUL: Drops CB Antwan Perry, S Tony D'Amico and T William Mayes and picks up CB Joel Dettwiler, S Tony Hill, and G Josh McMillan

ERE: Drops G B.J. Pate, DE Allen Christopher and WR Terry Taylor and picks up G Jerome Parks, DE Cornelius Coleman and WR Kyhan Woods

MIS: Drops HB Ed Coleman, WR Ryan Speed and LB Phillip Meyers and picks up HB Buster Browne, WR Carlos Yearwood and LB Jason McIntyre.

BLK: Drops LB Bobby Phillips, S Tony Hill and P John Butler and picks up LB Brian Smith, S Henry Baker and P Moses Ringwold.

Week 4

DUL: Drops S Mark Dean and CB Shelly Barnett and picks up S Elex Walker and CB Courtney Porter.

TEX: Drops CB Robert Carter and CB Stanley Williams and picks up CB Clayton Holmes and CB Alfonzo Roundtree.

STV: Drops QB Kenton Carr, HB Damian Anderson and WR Macey Brooks and signs QB Jason Kinney, HB K.C. Adams, and WR Eric Gibson.

MIS: Drops CB Eric Council, T Sherman Wilderness and DT Mike Powers and signs CB Heath Staples, T Matt Kallin and DE Calvin Platt.

HON: Drops DT Eric Rosette and FB John Henry and signs DT Travis Dunke and FB Roderick Booker.

BLK: Drops FB Ted Johnson, DE Eric Hendershot and CB Tobian Thomas, and signs HB Malachi Nelson, DE Marlon Powell and CB Keith Pitts.

Week 3

BKH: Drops HB Rivers Mitchell, C Eric Galloway and DE David Cunningham and signs HB Fred Bishop, C Breon Thomas and DE Nate Burress

MIS: Drops LB Nate Holtz, DE Andre Dudley and CB Terry Moseby and signs LB Nate Van Ostrand, LB Jeff Higgins and CB Michael Hunter

Week 2

TEX: Drops QB Akili Roberson and picks up QB Robert Hunt

Week 1

COL: Drops WR Shelby Hill and WR Johnny Hawkins and picks up WR Trent Alexander and G David Camacho

TEX: Drops S Bob Thompson and picks up P Zuhair Fanash

TEX: Drops K Pete Sanchez and TE Jason Janke and picks up TE Wess Bell

MAD: Drops QB Robert Hunt and picks up QB Bill Ward

COL: Drops CB Micheal Seahorn