Wednesday, May 21st
Trades - 1999 Season

Week 10

CB Michael Hunter is traded from Dayton to Mississippi for CB Ross Giles.

Two #1 Corner Backs change teams.

Week 8

G Austin Railey, G David Mohn and CB Clayton Holmes are traded from Texas to Utah for G Horacio Honne and CB Shedrick Harris.

Texas and Utah deal again. Utah loses overall strength but does get two quality Guards in the deal. CB Clayton Holmes is the sleeper in this deal.

Week 6

HB Dwayne Schulters and QB Robert Hunt are traded from Texas to Trenton for HB Michael Cosey and G Mike Ruhl.

Texas and Trenton switch HB workhorses. Trenton trades a star Guard away for a well-traveled #2 QB.

HB Chris Butler, a 3rd and 4th round pick for Portland as HB Baron Dockery goes to Colorado.

Colorado gets much needed help at the HB slot as Billy West is nursing an injury. Portland, still deep at the HB position gets young talent in Butler as well as two key draft picks.

C Steve Grimm and a 4th round pick are traded from Steel Valley to Duluth for C Carl Dedrick, WR Frenchie Buckner and a 2nd round pick.

Duluth solidifies their Offensive Line with the addition of Grimm. The Smash get an early draft pick as well as another established reciever. To make room for Buckner, the Smash drop WR Eric Gibson.

Week 5

WR Johnny Boyd, DE Jeff Ogard and T Richard Wirkus are traded from Utah to Texas for WR Michael Dritlein, T Bryon Lloyd, and DE Frederick Williams along with a #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 draft pick for 2000.

Texas pulls Utah's pants down as they take away the Rattlers starting core of players. One would hope that the talent can be replaced in the 2000 season, and Rattler fans must start wondering what direction the management is taking this team in.

Week 4

C Steve Gretchen and S Dan Griffin is traded from Mississippi to Fort Wayne for S Cornelius Coe and C Troy Turek

Fort Wayne gets a starting center in Gretchen, and a descent fill in at Safety. Mississippi gets a #1 Safety in Coe.

HB Birdie Dockery, WR Zach Sangster and a 2nd round draft pick is traded from Steel Valley to Portland for WR Chuck Wyatt, HB Damian Anderson and a 4th round pick

Huge trade for Portland in that they get a 4th quality halfback, a descent WR in Sangster and move up in the draft by aquiring a 2nd round pick. Steel Valley gets an explosive WR in Wyatt, who should settle in as the #2 or #3 WR.

Week 1

CB Daimion Redmond heads to Portland and CB Ronnie Smith packs for Texas in an exchange of CB's.

Equally talented CB's switch teams days before the season kicks off.

WR Kurt Barth, LB Tim Harris and S Drinnon Mays head for Mobile as Colorado aquires WR Chris Anderson, LB Julian Yearwood and CB Tony Hawk.

The Defensive minded Wildcats aquire the talented Tony Hawk and some prospective talent in Anderson and Yearwood. The Seagulls might have gotten the better end of the deal as they get a very good WR in Barth and a starting LB in Harris.

S Willie Davis and TE Artez Baker move from Texas to Steel Valley for S Leonard Taylor and TE Eli Workman.

Steel Valley aquires the second best Tight End in the league in Workman and a capable Safety in Taylor while Texas bolsters their corner with the speedy Safety Willie Davis and a strong TE in Baker.

G Austin Railey traded from Colorado to Texas for S Raymond Gover and G Justin Ramsey.

Great aquisition for Colorado as they aquire a top Safety in Gover and a young but upcomming Guard. Texas aquires a new piece to their offensive line as Railey should start immediately.

WR Zach Sangster and LB BJ Baird traded from Colorado to Steel Valley for WR Steve Carter and LB DeJuan Washington.

Great aquisition for Colorado as get a sturdy LB in DeJuan Washington. Steel Valley fills a much needed hole at WR with Zach Sangster, while also getting a dependable LB in Baird.