Thursday, December 2nd

Week 11

Texas trades G Brian Nunns to Mobile for two aquired draft picks from Colorado (3rd and 5th round picks).

Mobile gets Nunns for their offensive line, and sacrafices two draft picks.

Mississippi trades G Brad Kerkhoff to Mobile for a 3rd and 6th round draft pick.

Mississippi trades away a middle-aged but good lineman in Kerkhoff in return for two draft picks.

Week 10

Colorado trades DL Art Malupe, WR Carl Aikens, a 3rd and 5th round pick and a 3rd in 2004 to Mobile for WR Robert Garth and two 2nd round picks (Mobile and Portland).

Colorado trades away veteran DL Art Malupe (25 tackles and 9 sacks), young WR Carl Aikens and some draft picks for two early draft picks in the second round and WR Robert Garth.

Colorado trades G Jason Schwab, a 4th and 8th round pick to Steel Valley for G Jim Byerly and a 5th round pick.

Colorado trades away two more draft picks but gets Jim Byerly in return.

Colorado trades C Bob Wegner a 6th and 7th round pick to Fort Wayne for G Greg Jones and a 1st round pick.

Fort Wayne gets a very good lineman in Wegner, but parts with a young Greg Jones and a #1 pick.

Week 9

Fargo trades HB Danny Katoa and a 4th round draft pick to Green Bay for DE Nikia Parsons.

Green Bay gets some help at HB with young Danny Katoa and a draft pick while Fargo gets a prospect DE of the future in Parsons.

Mississippi trades HB D.J. Crane to Mobile for HB Gene Rhodes and Mobile's 5th round pick.

D.J. Crane is a possible future back in Mobile. Rhodes has had a mediocre career and looks to take advantage of a better Offensive Line in Mississippi. The FireDogs get the Seagulls 5th round pick as well.

Wichita trades their 4th and 6th round draft picks to Fargo for CB Carlos Gilchrist.

Gilchrist has recorded 40 tackles and a sack. Fargo does pick up 2 extra draft picks and now owns a record 19 draft picks - however a draft pool is only so deep.

Texas trades G Patrick Birdwell and a 5th round draft pick to Fargo for T Eglelagi Clarke.

Texas and Fargo swap lineman while Fargo aquires yet another draft pick.

Portland trades their 2nd round draft pick to Mobile for HB Alvin Rettig.

Portland gets a youthful HB in Alvin Rettig. Rettig so far this season has yet to rush the ball, but has seen some time on special teams. Mobile drafted Rettig in the 1st round of the 2001 draft (4th overall) but has changed their focus when the team aquired HB Marquette Smith from Green Bay.

Mobile trades C Erv Strohbeen and their 1st round draft pick to Green Bay for HB Marquette Smith and T Matt Norwood.

Mobile trades and early draft pick to get an excellent back in Marquette Smith. Smith has come into his own this year as he has 939 total yards and 9 touchdowns in 9 games and averaging 4.2 yards per carry. Green Bay and Mobile are both 2-6, so either team could end up with the #1 draft pick for 2002.

Colorado sends QB Terrance Bryant to Green Bay for their 2nd round draft pick

Expensive draft pick sent to Colorado for Terrance Bryant. Bryant did however lead the Wildcats to a 10-4 record in 1999 passing for 2,934 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Lousiana trades their 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th round picks along with QB Jay Gruden, HB Brent Moss, C Jason Krausfeldt, C Lane Magnuson, LB Jason Jones and LB Marshall Foreman to Fargo for QB Eric James, HB Michael Lawrence, C Doug Van Meter, T Stephen Holloway, and LB Don Hilsenroth.

Largest trade thus-far in the FIFL's history. Louisiana gets great help on their offensive line and a younger Michael Lawrence who is finally starting to produce. Fargo gets a mess of draft picks and now have 13 for the 2002 season. Fargo also gets an explosive HB in Brent Moss and a QB to develop in Jay Gruden.

Week 4

Lousiana trades WR George LaFrance and CB Antonio Sparrow to Fargo for WR Mandrell Dean, CB Kenny Hill and a 3rd round pick.

Louisiana trades away their #1 draft pick WR George LaFrance for an older but very explosive WR Mandrell Dean.

Week 1

Fargo trades QB Major Harris to Lincoln for a 3rd and 6th round draft pick

Major Harris finds himself on his 4th team in 3-years. Lincoln welcomes Major with open arms as he becomes an immediate starter. Fargo will benefit from the picks as Lincoln is predicted to finish worst in the National Conference.

Mississippi trades G Brandon Bergstresser to Portland for Louisiana's 4th round pick

The reliant Brandon Bergstresser comes to Portland to help with offensive line duties.

Black Hills trades RB Malachi Nelson, OL Chris Bergstrom, DL Jason Delgato, and DL Kym Trueblood to Utah for OL Earl Oliver, OL Mike Palermo, OL John Semchenko and LB Jeff Plate.

Huge trade for Utah as they get much needed defensive help while Black Hills gets young talent on the offensive line.

Wichita trades DE Jason Washington and a 7th and 8th round pick in 2002 to Fargo for C Elijah Brown and LB Kareem Sears

Yet another trade between Fargo and Wichita. Wichita aquires a youthful OL in Elijah Brown and a young overlooked prospect in Kareem Sears at LB. Fargo aquires Washington and a few late round picks in 2002.

Louisiana trades DL Mike Huggard, CB Doug McFadden and a 2002 4th round pick for Portlands 5th 7th and 8th round draft pick

Louisiana off-loads some descent talent talent for draft picks. Huggard and McFadden look to see more playing time in Portland.

Colorado trades CB Terryll Williamson and their 6th round draft pick to Green Bay for Green Bay's 5th round pick and an aquired 5th round pick from Fort Wayne.

Colorado moves up in the draft and unloads CB Williamson who has seen limited action in his career at Colorado (34 tackles and a fumble recovery).

Louisiana trades CB Michael Griffin and a 6th round pick in exchange for Mississippi's 5th round pick.

Louisiana moves up in the second half of the draft, while Mississippi aquires a good tackling CB in Griffin.

Fargo trades T Carson Jackson and their 5th round pick to Wichita for their two 4th round picks.

Wichita aquires a tackle and gives up two earlier picks.

Colorado trades G Abdul Shabaz-Wigin to Fargo for Fargo's 3rd and 4th draft pick along with an aquired 3rd round draft pick from Wichita.

Colorado gets three more draft picks in exchange for Abdul, giving them seven picks in the first four rounds.

Colorado trades LB Derric Coakley, thier 1st and 2nd draft picks to Springfield for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick.

Colorado aquires some early draft picks in exchange for superstar LB Derric Coakley.