Thursday, May 9th

Week 10

Steel Valley trades DT John Krawczyk to Portland for a 6th round pick

Krawczyk finally will get some playing time after only registering 5 tackles in Steel Valley.

Green Bay trades CB David Johnson, G Dan Maciejczak and a 6th round pick to Portland for T Junior Illi and a 3rd round pick

Green Bay gets a great deal by aquiring the young Tackle Illi and a 3rd round pick. Portland gets some veteran strength in CB Johnson (54 tackles, 1 interception) and veteran G Maciejczak.

Week 9

Utah trades LB JImmy Norman to Mobile for a 5th round draft pick.

Utah trades away veteran LB Jimmy Norman to Mobile for a 5th round draft pick. Norman has 302 career tackles with 15 sacks, 5 fumble recoveries and 3 interceptions in his career. Norman should provide veteran leadership as Mobile drives toward the playoffs.

Week 7

Mississippi trades WR Robert Goins and a 6th round draft pick to Green Bay for WR Mandrell Dean.

Green Bay looks toward the furture as they aquire a 6th round draft pick and young WR Robert Goins. Mississippi aquires Mandrell Dean in hopes that he can re-gain his all-star status from 2000 when he averaged 18.0 yards per catch, catching 60 passes for 1078 yards for Fargo.

Mobile trades their 6th and 7th round draft picks from Louisiana to Mobile for C Carl Dedrick.

Mobile solidifies the offensive line by giving up some late round draft picks.

Mobile trades G Larry Ramirez and their 4th round pick from Louisiana to Fort Wayne for DT Ron Jenkins.

Mobile gets DT Ron Jenkins for G Larry Ramirez and a mid-round draft pick. Jenkins had his best season in 2000 when he had 34 tackles and 10 sacks. His career numbers are 79 tackles and 18 sacks. Ramirez has been a sub on the Mobile offensive line for the past three seasons and is looking for a change in Ft. Wayne.

Week 5

Mobile trades T Tony Altman, WR Anthony Payton and S Eric Wilcher to Louisiana for all 8 2003 draft picks and G Travis Santage, CB Reggie Smith and QB Taveras Thompson.

Offensive superstar WR Anthony Payton heads to Louisiana along with a talented OL in Altman and a young S Eric Wilcher. Mobile aquires some live-bodies, but the real deal is the complete 1-8 draft from Louisiana.

Mobile trades their 4th and 6th round draft pick to Steel Valley for T Matt Walls.

Matt Walls is a good lineman and Mobile will see the benefits of this deal immediately.

Fort Wayne trades CB Chris Armstrong, a 3rd and 5th round pick to Steel Valley for S Leonard Taylor and a 7th and 8th round draft pick.

Fort Wayne trades away Armstrong and some lower-end picks for Leonard Taylor.

Steel Valley trades CB Sammy Walker and a 3rd round pick to Mississippi for LB Melvin Phillips and CB Terrance Barber.

The FireDogs get help in the secondary by obtaining the all-time leader in interceptions while also getting a 3rd round pick. The Smash take advantage by getting a young LB in Phillips, but Barber is the gem of this deal.

Week 4

Steel Valley trades WR Youseff Sareni to Mobile for QB Rashad Casey and a 5th round pick

Offensive star Youseff Sareni heads to Mobile for a pick and QB Rashad Casey. Sareni has 220 career catches for 3,138 yards (14.2 average) and 18 touchdowns.

Steel Valley trades FB Sid Hall to Green Bay for a 5th and 8th round draft pick

Sid Hall, a long time Smash veteran, heads to Green Bay to get the Bomber running game going. Steel Valley receives two lower draft picks. Hall in his career has ran 196 times for 950 yards (4.8 average) and 8 TD's.


Portland trades WR Jon Elder and LB Jeff Faulkner to Mobile for OL Phil Bunch and OL Pat Schaben.

Before the start of training camp, Mobile and Portland swap veterans players.

Fargo trades DT Kenneth Bouie and CB Bobby Perkins to Springfield for a 3rd and 5th round draft pick in 2003.

Springfield aquires defense once again in the offseason as they land DT Kenneth Bouie and CB Bobby Perkins; in 2001, Springfield aquired LB Derrick Coakley who had a break-out season. Bouie in 42 career games has 71 tackles and 25.0 sacks. Perkins has been Mr. Consistency as he has had 3 excellent seasons in Fargo. He has 235 career tackles and 6 interception in 42 career games.

Black Hills Trades DL Nate Burress to Utah for a 7th round pick.

DL Nate Burress leaves Black Hills and heads to Utah. Burress has 52 career tackles and 17.0 sacks in three seasons (40 games) including a career best 8.0 sacks in 2000. In his 7 career playoff games, Burress has 9 tackles and 3.0 sacks..

Black Hills trades G Mark Stout to Dayton for Dayton's 5th, 6th and 7th round draft pick

Veteran Mark Stout moves to Dayton in exchange for some lower-end draft picks.

Springfield trades WR Ricky Ross a 1st and 2nd round draft pick to Colorado for DE Lawrence Hines, CB Dennison Robinson and Colorado's 1st round pick as well as next seasons 2nd and 7th.

Springfield gets stage-fright or something as they swap first round picks with Coloardo. Springfield also sends WR Ricky Ross (79 for 914 with 6 touchdowns in 28 games) and gets in return DE Lawrence Hines (8 career tackles and two sacks in 28 games) and CB Dennison Robinson (no career stats in 28 games).

Green Bay Trades DB's Ralph Strickland and CB Teryll Williamson to Fort Wayne for their 5th and 6th round pick in 2002 and their 7th round pick in 2003.

Green Bay unloads veteran DB's Ralph Strickland and CB Teryll Williamson for draft picks. Strickland has 178 career tackles and an interception while WIlliamson has 34 career tackles and a fumble recovery.

Green Bay trades WR Steve Woods and a 4th round pick in 2003 to Louisiana for WR Mandrell Dean.

Mandrell Dean, 14th all-time in receiving, moves to Green Bay and will look to be threat offensively and on special teams. Woods moves to Louisiana, and looks to join a young receiver core. Woods has yet to catch a pass in 34 career games (1999-2001). Woods has 3 career tackles, and 2 punt returns for 37 yards.

Wichita trades their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th round pick to Fargo for T Abdul Shabaz-Wigin and Fargo's 5th round pick.

Fargo decides to trade away for yet more draft picks and trades away a young talent in Abdul. League officials are scratching their heads on this one.