Thursday, October 16th

Week 10

Mobile trades S Gary Ensminger to Fort Wayne for a 3rd, 5th and 9th round draft pick.

Fort Wayne betters their defensive backfield with Ensminger... perhaps three picks (especially a 3rd) is too much of a price, but certainly better than any 5th or 8th round player the Safari would end up getting.

Week 9

Louisiana trades G Leroy Lele, a 2004 4th round and 2005 4th round pick to Lincoln for G Brandon Bergstresser.

Louisiana continues to deal picks to Lincoln, and this time gets veteran lineman Brandon Bergstresser. Bergstresser will move from Guard to starting Center. Bergstresser has played in 60 career games with Mississippi (1999-2000), Portland (2001-2002) and Lincoln (2003).

Week 8

Mobile trades G Anaslow McMillion, LB Jeff Faulkner and a 1st round pick for LB Ansel George.

Mobile trades for a top Center and now a Linebacker half-way through the season. It appears as if they are gearing up for a run at the FIFL Bowl. George is a good aquisition, but giving up so many high round picks in one season could hurt the Seagulls long-term.

Honolulu trades C Kerwin Hairston to Mobile for a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick.

Mobile gets veteran help on the offensive line, and for a heavy price as they part with a 2nd and 3rd round pick. Hairston might however be worth it.

Week 4

Green Bay trades a 5ht round pick to Mississippi for CB Frank Spraggins.

Spraggins adds speed to Green Bay's defense. Spraggins has appeared in 67 games with 3 different teams since 1999, and had a career season in 1999 with Portland when he had 87 tackles and an interception.

Green Bay trades S Richard Rodgers and a 3rd round pick to Mobile for LB Marcus Wiggins and a 5th round pick.

Mobile unloads one of their many Linebackers for a quality S in Rodgers. Rodgers has 8 tackles in his career and looks to get more playing time in Mobile. Green Bay gets Wiggins who has potential, but never given true chance to start. Had 39 tackles and 5.0 sacks in 2001.

Louisiana trades FB Jim Kitts, C Kevin Wheeler, G Jesse Burk, LB J.P. Smith, CB Kelvin Edwards and rounds 3-8 of their 2004 draft for FB Lorenzo Davis, WR Wendall Glover, G Dupree Bee, LB Scott Joseph and a 4th round 2004 pick.

What a deal for both teams. Lincoln gets some youth and a crop of draft picks in exchange for some older, but quality veterans. Lincoln rids themselves of long-time veteran players in hopes that things may soon turn around. Louisiana is selling the future once again for another shot at the title. FB Davis looks for some new scenery, as he has potentially been a top-10 player in the league, but has never produced to his potential.

Week 3

Fargo trades WR George LaFrance to Portland for WR Brandon Burnside and a 3rd round pick

George LaFrance is already with his 3rd team now, and he has still yet to have been given a chance to show what he's got. Look for Portland to utilize hs talents in the two or three WR slot.


Mississippi trades Lincoln their 7th round 2004 pick for an 8th round 2003 pick.

Last second trade gives Lincoln an earlier pick in 2004.

Colorado trades LB Yepi Pauu to Black Hills for2 6th Round Draft Picks (BLK, GBY), 2 7th Round Draft Picks (BLK, UTA) and 1 8th Round Draft Pick (BLK)

Black Hills gives up rounds 6-8 (5 picks in all) to Colorado for LB Yepi Pauu.

Portland trades their 1st round pick and WR Ken Causey to Mobile for HB Marquette Smith.

Portland might have finally got themselves a play-maker in Smith, but at a heavy cost as they deal a 1st round pick and WR Causey.

Fargo trades QB Jay Gruden to Mississippi for WR Eldred Milton, a 3rd round pick (MOB) and a 7th round pick.

Gruden heads to Mississippi where he might get a chance to compete with QB Billy Dicken as the Fire Dogs starter. Fargo gets an early 3rd round draft pick, a Mississippi 7th round pick and a seldom used but exposive receiver in Milton.

Lincoln trades LB Jason Belvins to Portland for a 2nd round pick

Portland gets a great LB in Blevins.. should give Portland a great new look defense with Blevins and McBride (from earlier Louisana trade).

Black Hills trades DT Gary Costar to Portland for a 6th round pick (GBY).

Gary Costar heads to the armpit of the US (Porland)

Mobile trades two 2nd round picks (MOB and COL) and a 3rd round pick (LOU) to Black Hills for FB King and C Oliver.

Black Hills aquires 3 early draft picks for the highly talented Craig King and C Earl Oliver.

Springfield trades C Arthur Jackson and their 2nd round draft pick to Honolulu for T Justin Glasgow.

'Springfield improves their O-Line while Honolulu improves their draft and gets a younger lineman.

Wichita trades their 3rd round pick to Steel Valley for two 5th round picks.

'The Marco' move is once again complete. Wichita gets Steel Valley and Green Bay's 5th round pick.

Green Bay trades C Chris Enneking, their 2nd round pick in 2003 and 4th rounder in 2004 for Fort Wayne's 1st round pick in 2003.

Fort Wayne gives up a first round draft pick for a later 2nd round pick, a 2004 pick and Center Chris Enneking.

Louisiana trades LB Sean McBride to Portland for LB Derrell Merriweather and a 4th round pick.

Portland gets LB Sean McBride, who anchored the Bayou Beast defense in 2002. McBride has 235 tackles and 21.0 sacks in his career. Louisiana gets LB Derrell Merriweather (36 tackles, 3.0 sacks in career) and a much needed draft pick, as the Bayou Beast now have two 4th round picks.

Green Bay trades RB Bo Wright, two 6th and two 7th round draft picks to Steel Valley for QB Josh Leudtke and WR Kalen Deboer.

Green Bay seems to be Mr. Lucky with their second straight trade - this time aquiring QB Leudtke and WR DeBoer. Luedtke now competes with Fuentes and Bryant at QB. DeBoer will get some serious playing time for the Bombers. Wright has one rush for two yards and two tackles in his 20 game career.

Green Bay Trades TE Klaika Rucker, DE Mike Clark and Portland's 3rd Round Pick to Fort Wayne for DE Eddie Storm, DB Ronnie Smith and a 6th Round Pick.

Advantage goes to Green Bay, atleast for this season and next... DE Eddie Storm is coming off a career season with his 37 tackles and 12.0 sacks while CB Ronnie Smith has nearly averaged 85 tackles and 2 interceptions the past 3 seasons. Fort Wayne gets a well traveled, but able TE in Rucker who has averaged 49 catches the past two years. DE Mike Clark is a young up-and-coming Defensive lineman, but has yet to put up the numbers as he has 6 career tackles and 3.0 sacks in two seasons. Down the road, Clark could be a force and the earlier pick could pay dividends this year or next.

Mobile trades QB Johnny Johnson to Wichita for a first round draft pick

Huge trade - long time veteran QB Johnny Johnson heads to Wichita in exchange for a first round draft pick. With the addition of Johnson, the Warlords might have solved their weakness at QB.

Fort Wayne trades a 4th round pick to Steel Valley for veterans' S Don Harris and Courtney Dinkins.

Fort Wayne gets some veteran leadership at the DB position by trading for S Don Harris (305 career tackles and 3 interceptions) and S Courtney Dinkins (79 career tackles and 3 sacks). The Smash is looking to unload some veterans and hope a 4th round pick will help in the rebuilding process.

Mississippi trades QB Tim Lester to Mobile a 3rd round pick

Lester moves to Mobile where he will be given a chance to battle for the starting job with veteran Johnny Johnson.

Colorado trades HB Willie Cannon, TE Randall Lane and CB Jack Prall to Dayton for HB Andre Bowden, TE Magic Benton and a 4th round pick

Colorado seems to get the better part of this deal by getting a young and tough Bowden, a top-notch TE in Benton and a pick for Cannon, Lane and Prall.