Thursday, October 7th

Week 10

Steel Valley trades WR Titus Dixon to Mississippi for a 3rd round draft pick.
Mississippi aquires the seldom-used WR Titus Dixon from the Smash in exchange for a 3rd round draft pick. The move should help the Smash, as the pick is early enough (It's their old one so should get early round pick). For Mississippi, they finally have a legitamite 3rd WR, and just in time as Jo Jo is getting old.

Dayton trades QB Dusty Bonner, WR Anthony Payton, and LB Pete Antoniou to Dayton for QB Mike Hold, WR Roman Davenport and LB Rod Hobbs.
Dayton prepairs for the playoffs whil Billings prepairs for the future in this trade. With Billings HB situation for the future resolved, the Billings Thunderbolts secured the QB of the future as they trade to get QB Dusty Bonner. Bonner should be able to take over for Monte Christo in the next year or two. Also aquired was LB Pete Antoniou, who saw limited action this season, but had an impressive 2005 season when he had 44 tackles and 6.0 sacks. He is also only in his 5th year. Also added to the deal to make it happen was the addition veteran WR Anthony Payton, who is looking to play a few more years. For Dayton, they aquire QB Mike Hold, who could spell Josh Wallwork in the next season or two, as well as vetern LB Rod Hobbs, a quick and strong LB who has 532 career tackles and 28.0 sacks (54 tackles and 6.0 sacks this season). Dayton also aquires a younger WR in Davenport, but looks to play only at the WR4 slot.

Week 9

Mississippi trades LB Melvin Blue and an 8th round draft pick to Billings for TE Artez Baker
The FireDogs get the well-traveled TE Artez Baker from the Billings Thuderbolts in exchange for veteran LB Melvin Blue. Baker was aquired in hopes to give the TE's some veteran leadership, as Baker has caught 287 career passes for 3,528 yards and 14 touchdowns. Billings will shed some age by aquiring the long-time backup LB Blue, however Blue in his career only has 22 tackles and a sack in very limited playing time.

Black Hills trades WR Scott Pingel to Dayton for a 3rd and two 5th round picks.
The Machine are going nowhere this year, and trade Pingel to Dayton. Pingel has had a checkered career, which has included many dissapointing seasons and severl years with injurys, however appears to have put himself together in 2006 as he is having a career season. For Machine, the draft picks may pay off, but could have possibly gotten more.

Week 8

Mississippi trades QB Billy Dicken and HB Omar Bacon to Madison for HB Fred Bishop, a 2nd, 3rd and 6th round draft pick.
Mississippi gives up the future HB in Bacon, and the 2nd all-time QB in efficiency in Dicken for a 'seasoned' Fred Bishop and 3 draft picks. Great deal for the MadDogs, however draft will be thin. FireDog thinking was a 6th for Dicken at his age is fair, and a 2nd and 3rd for Bacon is 'not bad' considering where Madison will finish in draft (most likely).

Week 4

Louisiana trades LB Miguel Merritt to St. Louis for LB Ansel George.
Fairly even trade however upper hand goes to Louisiana. Merritt has 522 career tackles and 29.0 sacks while George has 551 career tackles and 19.0 sacks. Merritt more of a presence on the line, and able to find QB better. Also has 6 career sacks compaired to George's 3.

Week 3

Fort Wayne trades DE Thomas Weaver to St. Louis for LB Rob DeVita.
Fort Wayne is now under-stocked at Defensive Line, and over-stocked at LB. One has to assume they aquired DeVita to improve LB core and will look to aquire another Defensive Lineman. St. Louis on the other hand now is over-stocked at Defensive Line. Weaver has 79 career tackles and 15.0 career sacks in 72 games while DeVita has 192 career tackles, 7.0 sacks in 72 career games.

Fort Wayne trades WR Jerrell Barron and a 5th round draft pick to Honolulu for WR Cedrick Cummings.
Fort Wayne brings back WR Cedrick Cummings who was a bust in Honolulu. Cummings in 10 games with Honoloulu from 2005-2006 had 29 catches for 250 yards (8.6) with 1 touchdown. Good move for both, however the Safari giving up the 5th round pick was too much of a gift.


Mobile trades WR Carl Aikens, S DaWuan Miller, a 4th (FGO), 5th, 7th, and 8th round draft pick to Steel Valley for LB Mike Maslowski, a 1st and 4th round draft pick.
Steel Valley steals 2 players, and somehow gets picks out of the deal too, as they trade a 1st round draft pick, a 4th and LB Mike Maslowksi to Mobile.

Mobile trades CB Kenton Rickerson to Louisiana for an 8th round draft pick
Puzzling trade by the Seagulls. While we know Rickerson is in his 6th season, and Mobile is in rebuilding stage, Seagulls could have gotten more than just an 8th.

Honolulu trades HB Les Barley and LB Tony Jones to Wichita for LB Kareem Sears and a 5th round draft pick
Wichita gets HB Les Barley.... he is a good HB to have and could easily start on most teams. Wichita meanwhile gets LB Kareem Sears, who will vault to LB1, especially with his SP, AC, ST and EN. Hands always an issue for Kareem, but Honolulu is hardly worried. Honolulu also receives a 5th round draft pick.

Lincoln trades WR Sean Love to Louisiana for a 7th round draft pick
Lincoln hints at waiving WR Sean Love, and luckily Louisiana makes an offer before final cut. Lincoln gets something out of the deal.

Mississippi trades FB Butch Hadnot and QB Rashad Casey to Lincoln for a 5th round draft pick
Mississippi has too many slots, and trade away two adequate players for a 5th round pick. Good deal for Lincoln if they are competing for playoffs, otherwise could be good trade bait later in season.

Mississippi trades QB Clint Dolezel to Steel Valley for a 3rd round draft pick
With the addition of rookie QB Rickey Foggie, the FireDogs wanted to give Dolezel a chance to start elsewhere. Dolezel should start him this year, if not, for sure next season.

Honolulu trades LB Jose Salcido to Fort Wayne for CB Randy Chappell
Good deal for Honolulu, as Chappell will be a starter for a long-time to come, however not this year. Fort Wayne looks for help at LB, but could have gotten someone of equal talent off the free agent market.

Mississippi trades WR Eddie Brown to Honolulu for S Merv Mosely and a 5th round draft pick.
Mississippi trades away a top-WR, and probably lets him go for too cheap. Mosley will be good for sure, but did the FireDogs pay too much for him and a 5th?

Mississippi trades FB Billy Stone, a 5th and 7th round pick for Dayton's 2nd and 4th round draft pick.
Mississippi makes a deal with the Devil, as they provide a starting FB with inter-conference foe Dayton. Mississippi does however aquire two early draft picks. Stone, in his 6th year, was expendable with FB Bob McMillen ready to step in as a starter. With the possible retirement of Damon Benning next season, Mississippi will have a backfield that features Omar Bacon at HB and McMillen at FB. For Dayton, the timing was perfect as FB Johnny Tavake has done about all he can, and was not expected to be able to keep up the pace he has over the past 7 years.
Dumas now has a new FB to lead the way in Stone.

Mississippi trades LB Bobby Jurasin to Fort Wayne for rookie QB Rickey Foggie.
Good deal for Fort Wayne as Jurasin will make an immediate impact on the defensive side. For Mississippi, Foggie is their guy, which did not go over well with QB Clint Dolezel. Rumor has it the Firedogs are looking to offer Dolezezl to the highest bidder.

Wichita trades WR Willis Jacox to Portland for Portlands 2nd (34th overall) and 4th (60th overall - STV's pick) round draft pick.
Wichita trades away Jacox who was about ready to explode onto the FIFL scene. Wichita does draft WR Lamart Cooper who should be able to fill Jacox's shoes in 2 years or so. Wichita also gets TE Ryan Bethea with the 60th overall pick.

Austin trades their 1st round draft pick (12th overall) and their 5th round draft pick (84th overall) to Mississippi for their 1st round draft pick (8th overall).
A Draft-day deal, setup by Austin to draft QB Aaron Garcia. In switching picks, Mississippi was able to draft LB Cos Abercrombie with the 12th overall pick and with the 84th overall, TE Bart Schuchts.


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