Sunday, January 23rd

Week 8

Louisiana trades G Tony Plantin and a 5th round draft pick (STV) to Mobile for WR Bernard Edwards, G Walter Housman and DT Robert Gaines.
Details coming soon.

Louisiana trades DT J.C. Price to Fort Wayne for LB Cedric McKinnon.
Details coming soon.

Week 6

Fort Wayne trades DE Harold Williams to Billings for a 3rd round draft pick.
Officially, new Billings GM's first deal of career. Not too bad a deal, but we think they could have gotten more with a 3rd rounder. DE Harold Williams season totals are 12 tackles and 2.0 sacks, and in his career has 161 tackles and 43.0 sacks. For Fort Wayne, draft picks stacking up as they now have 3 picks in round 3.

Wichita trades K Kenny Stucker and a 3rd round draft pick (Dayton) to Springfield for K Mike Black
Kenny Stucker's slow start scares management enough to trade leagues all-time leader in PAT % to Springfield for Mr. Black, called by some teams as Mr. Unlucky. So far this season, Black is everything but, as he is 10/11 on field goals and hitting at 100% on PAT's.

Louisiana trades LB Ansel George to St. Louis for LB Marcus Wiggins
Strange... Didn't St. Louis trade George to Louisiana for a 1st and 2nd round pick 3 weeks ago?

Week 5

St. Louis trades DE Thomas Weaver to Mobile for a 2nd round draft pick.
Mobile trades high draft pick for DE. Next time, shop around!.

Louisiana trades C Tim Mangrich to Steel Valley for C Heath Keim, a 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th round draft pick.
Excellent deal for Louisiana. Long and Short-term.

Portland trades LB Rich Young and a 4th round draft pick to Wichita for a 3rd round draft pick.
Didn't this guy want to go play in the X-League in Japan or something (inside joke). Needed deal by Portland to clear room for Montford.

St. Louis trades LB Joe Montford and CB Derek Stingley to Portland for two 2nd round draft picks (POR & MIS) and S Rashad Floyd.
Portland wins the Stingley sweep-stakes. Good moves for both teams - Floyd is great addition, but two 2nd round choices will make the deal a winner for St. Louis.

Week 4

Fort Wayne trades LB Tom Fuhler to Steel Valley for a 3rd round draft pick.
Yawn. How many times is this guy going to change hands?

Week 3

St. Louis trades WR Demo Odems to Steel Valley for WR Randy Gatewood.
Steel Valley wins Odems sweepstakes. Cost is low considering the talent.

St. Louis trades LB Ansel George to Louisiana for a 1st and 2nd round draft pick.
Louisiana gives up final draft picks in order to aquire former Beast LB.

Week 2

Dayton trades CB Kenny McEntyre and a 3rd round draft pick to Wichita for FB Johnny Frost, TE Eric Jennings, a 1st and 7th round draft pick.
Huge trade for Dayton as they aquire a quality FB and TE from Wichita along with a 1st round draft pick, as well as a 7th. At the same time, good deal for McEntyre as he was drafted 2nd overall in last years draft, and the 3rd round pick adds a little more security to the deal. Hell, had we known he was available, I would have made a play for McEntyre.


Springfield trades G Robert Miller to Mobile for G Otis Anderson and a 3rd round draft pick.
Springfield gets a good deal out of this long-term. Mobile has upped their strength, and hope this will open some huge holes for HB Tony Burse.

Colorado trades T Glen Ili to Wichita for a 5th round draft pick.
Colorado gets a quality pick in exchange for Glen Ili. Lacking in strength, Illi is quite trainable and Warlords should see his value in a year or so.

Mississippi trades T Jason Marshall to Portland for a 6th round pick.
Small concellation prize for a quality, old veteran, but youth is on Mississippi's side now at Offensive Line position. Marshall will be missed, but a welcome addition in Portland.

Steel Valley trades HB Leotis Flowers to Louisiana for a 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th round draft pick.
The Louisiana Bayou Beast starting 3 (QB, HB and FB) are now former Smash starters. This trade is huge for Beast. Flowers replaces Lloyd Bradford as the teams starting HB in 2007.

Steel Valley trades G Zach Barnes and CB Cecil Doggette to Mobile for FB Brad LaCombe, LB Eric Bias and a 5th round draft pick.
Smash have now traded the 2nd of their 2 untouchables. First was "Shakes", who he dealt to the Beast, and now they deal Doggette to Mobile. Also in the deal goes Zach Barnes, one of the strongest lineman in the league. For the Smash, they receive FB LaCombe and LB Bias and a 5th. We think Mobile wins in this one.

Austin trades TE R.J. Anderson to Springfield for a 5th round draft pick.
Austin sheds some pounds in Anderson and gets a 5th rounder to boot. Springfield now has three TE's in camp, battling it out..

Mississippi trades WR Rashaan Vanterpool to Louisiana for a 3rd and 6th round draft pick.
Just weeks after moving to Mississppi trades for Vanterpool, he is traded to the Bayou Beast. With the drafting of WR Morgan, the Firedogs could part with the veteran WR. Huge addition for the Beast, as Vanterpool immediately moves to WR1.


Mississippi trades LB Tim Beuchamp and a 2008 2nd round draft pick to Portland for this years 1st round draft pick and a 3rd round draft pick in 2008.
Mississippi moves up in draft and drafts LB Salter with the pick, adding youth to a young LB core. Portland gets immediate boost at LB as Beuchamp is one of the strongest in the league.

Portland trades LB Terry Langston to Mobile for DE Ron Jenkins.
Prowlers aquire veteran help at Defensive End while Mobile should see immediate dividends with Langston coming aboard.

Portland trades their 3rd round draft pick to Springfield for WR Shalon Baker.
Portland aquires a young WR in Baker, while Springfield gets a pick.

Black Hills trades DT Carl Thomas, two 3rd round picks (Black Hills and Dayton) for Springfields 2nd and 3rd round (Mobiles) draft pick.
Machine gain draft picks while Springfield gets a huge addition at DL. Thomas now strongest defensive lineman on team.

Madison trades their 1st and 3rd (SPR) round draft pick to Austin for QB Shane Franzer, WR Corey Fleming and Austin's 1st round draft pick.
Madison makes huge move in aquiring Franzer from Austin as well as Fleming. Austin will get an extra pick as well as draft earlier in round one.

Colorado trades WR Stevie Thomas, TE J.J. Washington, LB Eric Bias and their 2nd round draft pick (Fargos) to Mobile for WR Craig Yeast, T James Landers, a 1st round draft pick (Springfields) and 2nd round draft pick.
Big trade for both teams as Colorado gives up on the Stevie Thomas experiment. Thomas has such potential, and needs a change of scenery. Colorado should see their own benefits down the road.

Springfield trades QB James Brown and a 1st round pick to Mobile for QB Jay Gruden, a 1st and 3rd round pick.
Mobile gets an aged, but very ready QB in Brown. James Brown has patiently waited and waited on the bench, and will finally get a chance to show the league what he's got. For Springfield, they aquire QB Jay Gruden and some better picks. For Gruden, it is his 5th team in only his 7th season. Brown is 70-93 (75.2) with 680 yards, 5 TD's and 0 interceptions in his career while Gruden is 428-631 (67.8) with 4,074 yards, 17 TD's and 7 interceptions.

Madison trades WR Rashaan Vanterpool to Mississippi for a 3rd round pick.
Mississippi trades for Vanterpool. Too many veteran WR's, but 'Dogs looking to move one elsewhere.

Madison trades G Matt Weston, a 4th and 6th round draft pick to Portland for WR Jerry Reese and a 2nd round pick.
Madison gets a great deal from Portland as they pick up WR Jerry Reese and a 2nd round pick for an older offensive lineman and two mid-round draft picks.

Louisiana trades QB Matt D'Orazio, HB Rayshawn Askew, WR Lee McCormick, G Calvin Turner, LB Miguel Merritt, CB Quincy Sorrell, their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft picks in exchange for QB Mike Hohensee, FB David Ruter, WR Calvin Schexnayder, LB Troy Fields, CB Chris Armstrong, a 2nd and three 5th round draf picks (MOB, STV and LOU).
Huge trade for Smash as they get some huge veteran additions, especially Askew and Merritt. For Louisiana, they wanted Schexnayder, and now they got him. Will the Beast return to top-form.

Honolulu trades WR Randy Gatewood and LB Robert Gaddy to Steel Valley in exchange for LB Reggie Oliver.
Smash trade Gaddy who has yet to make a defensive play, and Gatewood, who has 3 tackles in his career. Oliver is coming off a personal record for tackles as he finished with 93 on the season.

Madison trades DT Bear Barley to Lincoln for a 3rd round draft pick (SPR) and a 6th round draft pick (FWS).
All-time sack leader Bear Barley comes to Lincoln to join an already star-stacked veteran club.

Fort Wayne trades their 2nd and 3rd round draft pick for Dayton's 1st round draft pick.
Dayton gets 2 picks to help fill an empty roster, while Fort Wayne moves up, and will now be able to draft 2 in the first round.

Fort Wayne trades TE Andre Cooper and LB Time Betts to Colorado for LB Vershan Jackson and CB Jorrick Battle.
Fort Wayne aquires veteren LB Vershan Jackson and an up-and-coming star in CB Jorrick Battle. For Colorado, we like this deal for Betts, as they are in need of some youth at this position. Aquiring TE Cooper should fill Magic Benton's shoes.

Lincoln trades QB John Fourcade to Fort Wayne for CB Billy Marsh, QB Mike Armour, a 3rd round draft pick (HON) and a 6th round draft pick (FWS).
It has been done. When Lincoln aquired Porter from Austin last week, everyone was expecting Fourcade to be traded soon after. After Fourcade's glorious start with Dayton, Fourcade now with 2nd team in 3 years. Should be able to do a much better job than McNair. For Lincoln, QB Armour brings leadership and should find a backup role behind Porter while Billy Marsh brings more strength to a now-allstar squad. Two draft pick as well, a 3rd and a 6th.

Lincoln trades QB Major Harris to Mississippi for QB Mike Volarvich
With the addition of QB Mike Armour, and an earlier trade for Gary Porter, Lincoln needed a little more youth at that position rather than 3 QB's at 12 years or older. For Mississippi, who is a better mentor for young Rickey Foggie than Major Harris?

Lincoln trades T Aaron Henne, CB Travis Seaton and a 2nd round draft pick to Springfield for T Mike O'Donnell, S James Flowers and a 3rd round draft pick.
Springfield announcing some youth changes for 2007 which made some veterans available such as O'Donnell and Flowers. Good deal for Slayers as they should see dividends in the next season or two, while Lincoln is very happy with Flowers and extremely happy with O'Donnel's experience and strength.

Colorado trades TE Magic Benton to Mississippi for a 2nd (MAD), 3rd (STV) and a 4th next season.
Mississippi pays expensive price for Benton, however Colorado GM wouldn't part with him easily. Benton was not focus on offense in Colorado however will be in Mississippi. Achebe for Firedogs at TE1 had 68 catches in 2006 and 52 in 2005.

Fort Wayne trades TE Andre Cooper to Mobile for G Otis Anderson. (Cancelled)
Safari unloads TE Cooper who had 35 catches for 450 yards and a score in 2006. In exchange, Safari get offensive line help.

Honolulu trades HB Quentin Cradle to Lincoln for a 4th round draft pick.
Expensive price for the veteran HB, however Lincoln is on a spending-spree, paying top dollar some of the leagues top talent.

Lincoln trades WR Kahn Powell and a 7th round pick to Louisiana for a 4th round pick.
WR Kahn Powell contemplated retirement but decided to give it one more go, only to get the suprise of his career to be traded the very next day. Powell cannot think of a better situation as he joins a team who finished 14-3 last season, and very-well could be the top American Conference team again in 2007. For Lincoln, it is hard to say good-bye to a player such as Powell, but both sides benefit as Lincoln aquire a 4th round pick.

Lincoln trades WR Jeremy Dutcher to Billings for WR Anthony Payton and a 5th round pick.
Lincoln aquires veteran WR Anthony Payton in exchange for a future star in Dutcher. This trade finalizes an agreement made between the interim GM and Lincoln (was not able to get to with all the personal issues sprouting up). The new GM in Billings should be very happy with the addition of Dutcher.

Austin trades QB Gary Porter to the Lincoln Lightning for a 3rd round draft pick.
The league's all-time leader in touchdown passes begins a new chapter in his career as he heads to Lincoln. The deal works for Porter as sophomore QB Aaron Garcia is ready to take over the starting job in Austin, and Porter wasn't too happy about backing him up. The deal clears the way for John Fourcade to head elswhere.