Saturday, November 12th

Week 13

STL - Places S Kevin Guy on IR and signs S Elijah Beamon.

Week 12

LOU - Signs G Todd Senters and places G Heath Keim on IR.

LIN - Releases FB Basil Proctor and signs DL LaMar Sharp.

Week 11

MIS - Signs QB Johnny Johnson, placing G William Carr on IR.

LIN - Releases K Nick Gatto and signs HB Glenn Vereen.

LOU - Signs WR Anthony Payton and releases OL Todd Senters.

Week 10

MOB - Releases QB Richard Fuentes and signs DE Bo Thomas and S Kofi Smith.

FWS - Releases WR Anthony Payton.

Week 9

LIN - Signs K Nick Gatto.

MAD - Releases DT Andrew Marlatt.

Week 8

HON - Signs WR Scott Persing and releases WR Corey Ceasar.

WCH - Signs K Danny Kight and releases WR Scott Persing.

LIN - Places WR Thabiti Davis on IR. Signs FB Basil Proctor.

MAD - Signs DT Andrew Marlatt and puts DT Andre Slappy on IR.

Week 7

STL - Signs CB Gabe Davis III and releases CB Antwan Wooten.

Week 5

MOB- Signs T Ronnie Thompson and releases T Michael Love.

HON- Signs WR Corey Ceasar.

STV- Releases FB Basil Proctor.

Week 4

HON- Signs HB Andre Bowden.

STL- Releases G Ronnie Thompson.

Week 1

WCH- Signs HB Fabray Collins and releases HB Damian Morrow.

MAD- Signs HB Rick Hamilton and releases HB Fabray Collins.


BLK- Releases QB Peter Tom Willis and TE Marvin Mattox from protected list.

COL- Releases FB Calvin Jones and TE Larry Friday from protected list.

DAY- Releases CB Gabe Davis and signs LB Troy Asbell from protected list.

FGO- Releases DT Jason Washington and S Elijah Beamon from protected list.

FWS- Releases LB Tyree Broden from protected list.

HON- Releases HB Rick Hamilton from protected list.

LIN- Releases G Adrian Pruitt from protected list.

MIS- Releases QB Johnny Johnson and G Carl Wheeler from protected list.

POR- Releases HB Keiki Misipeka and T Doug Van Meter from protected list.

STL- Releases HB Glenn Vereen from protected list.

STV- Releases QB Major Harris and DT Kubanai Kalombo from protected list.

WCH- Releases TE Tacoma Fontaine and G T.J. Martin from protected list.

SPR- Releases DE Lawrence Hines from protected list.

FWS- Signs K Gary Cipra to active roster and releases LB Brett Wilson.


BLK- Signs DT Kentrell Blatcher and DT Monroe Burgess, releasing DT Kubanai Kalombo and DT Andrew Marlatt. Adds DT Kubanai Kalombo to protected list.

BLK- Signs QB Clint Stoerner and releases QB Peter Tom Willis to protected list.

LIN- Signs QB QB Kevin Feterick from practice squad and releases HB Ben McCombs.

FWS- Signs veteran free agent WR Anthony Payton and releases QB Pat O'Hara.

BLK- Signs QB Clint Stoerner and releases QB Peter Tom Willis to protected list.

STV- Signs rookie HB Rego Cooper and P John Araujo and releases QB Clint Stoerner and P Bryan Savell.

COL- Signs LB Jeff Main from protected list and drops FB Calvin Jones to the protected list.

POR- Signs free agent HB Keiki Misipeka to protected list.

WCH- Signs free agent HB Antoine Flowers and releases FB Ricardo Jones.

SPR- Signs free agent DE Lynn Rowland and releases DE Lawrence Hines to protected list.

LOU- Signs free agent WR Redd Thompson and DE John Fiore. Signs HB Carl Richardson, T Derrick Byrd, LB Matt Andreas and CB Antoine Sanders, releasing FB David Ruter, TE Mike Scott, C Carl Warren, DT Craig Koontz and LB Ryan Brady.

WCH- Signs free agent HB Greg Tester and releases TE Tacoma Fontaine to protected list. Waives WR Robert Hampton from protected list.

MIS- Signs free agent LB Robert Mayer and releases QB Johnny Johnson to protected list.

HON- Signs free agent WR Alfonzo Browning and releases G Arthur Jackson.

AUS- Signs free agent DE Jeff Kumpula and releases DE Lynn Rowland.

FGO- Signs free agent DE Mike Hellems and releases C Brian Van Hook.

MOB- Releases FB Bo Wright.


BIL- Signs rookie G Dietrich Lockridge, LB Roosevelt Benjamin, CB Jamont Kinds and S Thomas Daniels.

COL- Signs rookie HB Kevin Prosser, T Grant Brinkman, DE A.J. Blazek, DT Vince Amey and LB Julian Graham. Releases HB Andre Bowden, TE Larry Friday, T Tony Hairston, DT Mike Hellems and LB Jeff Main. Signs TE Larry Friday and LB Jeff Main to protected list.

HON- Signs rookie LB Brian Berg, LB Nyle Wiren, and CB Jonathan Ordway. Releases HB Rick Hamilton and adds him to the protected list.

POR- Signs rookie T Chris Loos, T Doug Kaufusi and P Brian Hegnaur. Releases FB Keiki Misipeka, C Dan Maciejczak, T Doug Van Meter, C Ramon Okali and P John Araujo. Signs T Doug Van Meter to protected list.

BLK- Signs rookie HB Jason Brookins, G Jeremy Swonger, DT Demetrious Fortney, LB Jimmy Williams, S Larry Sutton, and CB Carl Greenwood. Releases TE Marvin Mattox, TE Al Whiting, T Billy Poe, DE Jeff Kumpula, LB Eldridge Avery and CB Eric Bingham. Adds TE Marvin Mattox and LB Eldridge Avery to protected list.

FGO- Signs rookie HB David Winbush, FB Ray Gates, WR Chris Jackson, WR DeAndre Green, WR Miquel Irvin, C Brandon Kukla, C Terry Phillips, G Clint Harrison, T Dustin Rykert, DE LaShawn Pugh, DT Dorian Williams, LB Jesse Ranek, LB Adam Wheatley, CB Hassan Brown, and S Jason Speights. Releases FB Craig King, FB Darren Williams, WR Alfonso Browning, WR Herkie Walls, WR Jeff Hewitt, T Junior Ili, T Jerry Leaeno, DE Terrence Simmons, LB Matt Andreas, LB Robert Mayer and LB David Smith. Releases DT Jason Washington and S Elijah Beamon and adds to protected list.

SPR- Signs rookie FB Lorenzo "D'One" Burrell, WR Garvin Graves, TE Derek Lee, T Ben Olson and LB Almonse Boyles. Releases FB Antoine Flowes and T Kyle Ramsay.

WCH- Signs rookie QB Will Burch, T Mario Meraz and DE James Baron. Releases G T.J. Martin. Signs rookie WR Robert Hampton and adds G T.J. Martin to the protected list.

LIN- Signs rookie FB Chris Ryan, WR Demeco Archangel, TE Rashon Burns, C Nathan DeGasperias, LB Derrick Pack and CB Quincy Roe. Releases QB Kevin Feterik, WR Anthony Payton, G Adrian Pruitt, T Derrick Byrd, G Jesse Burke and CB Stacy Edwards. Adds QB Kevin Feterick and G Adrian Pruitt to protected list.

AUS- Signs WR Ryan Speed, T Tyrice Ellebb, DE Bruce Blie, DE Carlos Chester, S Travis Kopf, and S Duane Joubert. Releases FB Greg Tester.

LOU- Signs rookie C Ron Brown and S Heath Staples.

MIS- Signs rookie HB Jeggil Duggers, FB Sedric Irvin and T Larry Kinnard. Releases WR P.J. Winston and G Carl Wheeler. Adds G Carl Wheeler to protected list.

MOB- Signs rookie C Murry Rhodes and G Roger Green. Releases FB Wilmont Perry.

DAY- Signs rookie WR Marcell Willis, G George Momirovic, G Jackie Nash, LB Brian Gaines, and LB Trey Merkens. Releases T Mike Lopour, LB Troy Asbell, and CB Joey Flora. Adds LB Troy Asbell to protected list.

FWS- Signs rookie QB David Dinkins, DE Antwan Harris, LB Marlon Moye-Moore and LB Adolph Brown. Releases veteran QB Tim Lester and WR Corey Caesar. Signs rookie K Gary Cipra and LB Tyree Broden to protected list.

MAD- Signs C Dorian Yilla and G Lane Evans.

STV- Signs rookie QB Dan Larlham, WR Tobias Dean, WR Bryan Still, DT Marques Hayes and DE Demetrious Maxie. Releases QB Major Harris and TE Eric Hoskins to protected list.

STL- Signs rookie HB Jarvis Dunn, WR Randall Knapp, K Peter Martinez, DT Landry Watson and CB Antwan Wooden. Releases HB Glen Vereen and K Novo Bojovic. Adds HB Glen Vereen and K Novo Bojovic to protected list.


POR- Signs C Ramon Okali.

MAD- Signs HB Craig Taylor and WR Martin Dossett and releases C Ramon Okali.

BLK- Signs TE Marvin Mattox and TE Al Whiting.

MAD- Signs WR Brett Bech and CB Steve Thonn.

LIN- Signs HB Ben McCombs and CB Stacy Edwards.

POR- Signs P John Araujo and S Walt Mumin.

MIS- Signs QB Johnny Johnson and WR P.J. Winston.

HON- Signs S Keith Mercer.