Friday, November 4th

Week 10

Mobile trades DL Thomas Weaver to Fort Wayne for a 3rd round pick.
Mobile sheds veteran DL Thomas Weaver in exchange for a late 3rd round draft pick. Fort Wayne sees division foe Madison aquire Barley the previous week and counter with a veteran leader of their own. Weaver brings with him 169 career tackles and 51.0 career sacks.

Week 9

Lincoln trades DL Bear Barley to Madison for a 4th round pick.
"The Bear" comes back to Madison. Expensive pick, but in reality, should be worth it should Madison find themselves deep in the playoffs. Missing the playoffs, and then it just makes a "feel-good" story as Barley would likely retire a MadDog.

Week 7

Fort Wayne trades DE Joe Crowe to St. Louis for CB Tracey Perkins.
Great deal for St. Louis overall, but Safari will see some benefit this year and next. Perkins has been a great player for Renegades, and gets to go to playoff contender with Safari.

Week 6

Mobile trades DT Onterio Ford to Austin for LB Herman Lovett and a 3rd round draft pick.
Austin gets DT Onterio Ford for young LB Herman Lovett and a draft pick (usually something Mobile hates having). In 2008, Ford had 12 tackles and a sack seeing limted starting time, and thus far, has three tackles and a sack.
Good deal for Mobile in the next season or so.

Week 5

Honolulu trades WR Wayne Thomas to Steel Valley for a 4th round draft pick.
Not a major deal, just a little youth going from one team to another. WR Wayne Thomas may write his name in record some day, but probably not for a few more seasons.

Week 4

St. Louis trades FB Broderick Sargent to Honolulu for FB Travis McDonald, G Roger Green and a 4th round draft pick.
After many years of being sought-out, Broderick Sargent finds his way to another team. Should be a good deal for both teams, but we also like this for Honolulu, as HB John Hall now has a legitamite backup.


Steel Valley trades WR Demo Odems and a LOU 6th round draft pick to Louisiana for WR Chris Perry.
Great deal for Steel Valley, as Chris Perry is a stud. Odems brings a ton of experience to Louisiana, who seem ready to take control back in the Gulf Division.


Steel Valley trades FB Brad LaCombe, G Tim Mangrich and a 3rd round draft pick to Portland for HB Mike Green, CB Kip Texada, a 1st round draft pick and a 5th round draft pick.
Great deal for Portland in getting these veterans, as they should make a huge difference. Smash do win out however, with the additions of Green, Texada and 1st rounder.

Mississippi trades FB Ivan Caesar to Steel Valley for HB Rayshawn Askew.
Fire Dogs know Benning won't last entire season, and Askew is insurance. Rest of RB core is too young. Smash get great addition in Caesar who should be FB1.

Black Hills trades LB Eldridge Avery to Mississippi for a 5th round draft pick.
No room on Machine, and FireDogs need veteran, so perfect fit. Aldridge maybe undervalued, but Machine happy to get anything.

Portland trades LB Jeff Dole and a 4th round pick to Austin for LB Yepi Pauu and a 5th round pick.
Just a change of scenery. Pauu, always a fan favorite in Austin, will get new start for Portalnd.

Billings trades T Chris Loos to Portland for T Dierich Lockridge
No major changes... each player fits each teams scheme better.

Steel Valley trades TE Eric Hoskins to Louisiana for a 6th round draft pick.
Louisiana picks up a decsent TE in Hoskins at a cheap price.

Mississippi trades HB/FB Bob McMillen to Mobile for a 2nd and a 4th round draft pick.
Mississippi planned on McMillen as HB1, however Mobile persistant in request. Considering lots of youth at this position, Mississippi will stick with Benning one more year.


Dayton trades DT Mike Pielech to Mobile for a 3rd round draft pick in 2010.
Mobile trades for the seldom-used Pielech. Maybe his value will be seen in the future.


Madison trades C Randy Hart and LB Johnny Shephard to Portland for a 3rd round draft pick in 2010.
Understand the interest in Hart, but not so much for Shephard. Portland doesn't like picks anyway, so no loss in losing a 3rd rounder.