Thursday, May 3rd

Week 11

Louisiana trades WR Calvin Schexnayder and DL Sylvester Bembery to Fort Wayne for WR Carl Bond and DL Rachman Crable.
Fort Wayne loads up on some veteran help for their playoff run. Schexnayder is second all-time in most receiving catagories and a #1 overall pick in 2003 while Bembery was #1 overall in 2001, while Louisiana gets Crable, #1 overall in the 2007 Draft, who should be a big plus to the defensive line.

Mississippi trades HB Justin Kammrad and a 2nd round pick to Fargo for DB Hassan Brown.
Fargo gets a quality draft pick and a quality HB in Kammrad. Mississippi deals to get Brown who was a #1 overall pick in the 2009 FIFL Draft.

Week 8

Honolulu trades WR Carl Bond to Fort Wayne for TE Rocco Forgione.
Trade of former #1's. Forgione comes to Honolulu to fill in for an injured Kerry Brown.

Week 4

Portland trades HB Jerald Moore and a 1st round draft pick to Connecticut for HB Jerald Moore and 2 4th round picks (CON and MAD).
details coming soon.

Dayton trades QB Jay Gruden, WR Ryan Benjamin, CB Evan Hlavacek, and a 5th to Honolulu for QB Eric Zier, WR T.T. Toliver, CB Amar Watson, a 1st and 4th round draft pick..
details coming soon.

Dayton trades DE Blake Seeds to Fort Wayne for DT Andy Fuller.
details coming soon.

Week 3

Madison trades WR Etu Molden and a 3rd round pick (Wichita) to Billings for WR Adrian Reese and a 1st round draft pick.
details coming soon.

Mississippi trades WR Steve Papin to Portland for a 6th round draft pick.
details coming soon.

Madison trades LB Nyle Wiren to Wichita for a 1st, 3rd and 4th round draft pick.
details coming soon.

Billings trades LB Roosevelt Benjamin to Madison for a 2nd round draft pick.
details coming soon.


Madison sends DE Chris Browning to Honolulu for LB Nyle Wiren and DE Issac Mooring.
details coming soon.

Steel Valley trades a 7th round draft pick to Billings for K Beau Vianteri.
Billings don't trust Vinateri's long-range any more, while Smash look forward to getting the 4th-all-time FG kicker in accuracy (75.7). Vinatieri is 24th all-time with 634 points.

Connecticut trades CB James Sadler and a 3rd round draft pick to Mobile for S Jermaine Thaxton.
details coming soon.

Wichita trades HB Jerald Moore to Portland for a 7th and 8th draft pick + 2015 4th round pick.
Warlords get early pick for Moore, who was expendable when Bracey became a sleeper.

Peoria trades an 8th round draft pick to Mobile for DT Eric Drakes .
details coming soon.

Mississippi trades a 3rd and 6th round draft pick to Fargo for WR A.J. Street.
Street isn't the fastest WR, but he has proven to be a work-horse the past 4-years in Fargo. No WR has even come close to reproducing the numbers he has put-up during this time. Firedogs look to use him at WR1 and WR2 and hope to get 80 catches and 1,000 yards out of him.

Mississippi trades FB Omar Bacon to Steel Valley for a 6th round pick.
Firedogs have more than enough HB's, so deal makes sense for Smash, who desperately need someone who can play entire season.

Steel Valley trades an 8th round draft pick to Wichita for WR Adrian Jarrell.
Jarrell comes to Smash where he will get some time at WR3 and WR4. Jarrell had an amazing 57 catches for 911 yards (16.1 average) in 2012.

Black Hills trades DL Tony Agee and CB Cliff Green to Portland for a 2nd and 5th round draft pick.
details coming soon.

Black Hills trades T Jeremy Swonger to Mobile for a 2nd round draft pick.
details coming soon.

Black Hills trades G Chris Butterfield to Louisiana for a 6th round draft pick.
The Bayou Beast acquire veteran OL Butterfield for a 6th round pick.


Fort Wayne trades LB Troy Pelshak to Mobile for LB Donovan LaViness.
The Safari aquire a veteran LB in LaViness; LaViness had 87 tackles in 2014. Pelshak should bring Mobile some youth and should be a starter for the Seagulls for many years.

Fort Wayne trades QB Shaun King, CB Shon Flores, a 2nd and 4th round draft pick in 2014 for S Jeremy Unertl.
Mobile gives up a first rounder in Unertl, a sure future star, but does get some good picks as well as rookie QB Shaun King and CB Shon Flores.

Springfield trades their 3rd and 4th round picks in 2013 to Coloardo for their 3rd round pick in 2014.
Springfield looks for draft picks in 2014. Colorado makes alot of picks in 2013, looking to rebuild the defense.

Madison trades a 2013 3rd and 6th round draft pick to Mississippi for a 2013 3rd round pick.
Madison moves up to aquire a DE.

Tennessee trades its 2013 3rd round draft pick, and two 4th round draft picks (WCH and POR) to Mobile for a 2014 3rd round draft pick.
The Riverhawks have enough talent/or see less in this years draft, so looking to get an extra in 2014. The Seagulls should find some good talent with the extra two picks they obtained.

Fort Wayne sends a 2013 1st round pick and DE Eugene Phillips to Peoria for their 1st round draft pick.
The Safari look to move up in the draft, giving up Phillips.


Portland trades its 1st and 3rd round draft picks to Corado for G Jim Spencer, LB Nick Mitchell, DT Vince Amey and a 2014 2nd round draft pick.
What would a draft be without Joe S. trading his picks away and being MIA in the chatroom. You still have a 4th rounder to trade away Joe!

Mississippi sends DL Sam Hernandez to Louisiana for a 2013 and 2014 5th round draft pick.
Hernandez will get some time to play in Louisiana for sure, after riding the bench in 2012.

Connecticut sends K Rob Bironas and their 7th and 8th round draft picks to Madison for a 2014 4th round pick.
Bironas gets a shot in Madison, and will compete for starter role with Gramatica.

Billings trades FB Chad Ginter to Madison for a 5th round draft pick.
Madison may have the perfect FB to block for Ours, and at a descent price.