Saturday, December 15th.

Week 17

MAD - Places LB Shan Housekeeper on IR and signs LB Cedric McKinnon.

POR - Signs QB Sonny Cumbie, K Danny Kight and DT Bo Thomas and releases FB Jonny Frost, C Webbie Burnett and CB Allistair Sebastian.

Week 16

POR - Places G Dietrich Lockridge on IR and signs G Tiki Sagapolutele.

Week 13

MOB - Signs FB Rego Cooper, TE Monty Harris, T John Stranahan, DE Ezekiel Davis and DT Michael Spicer and releases HB Leonard Conley, FB Reggie Cooley, T Tony Plantin, DT Bo Thomas and CB Randy Chappell.

MIS - Signs DT Eddie Bynes and places DE Alanzo Spellman on IR.

Week 11

MIS - Signs LB Lawrence Taylor Jr. and releases DT Eddie Bynes.

POR - Releases K Danny Kight and LB Lawrence Taylor Jr. and signs FB Brad LaCombe and S Nigel Codrington.

Week 9

POR - Signs K Danny Kight.

MAD - Releases T Tiki Sagapolutele.

MIS - Signs S Dwaine Carpenter.

LOU - Releases S Nigel Codrington.

LOU - Signs LB Donovan LaVinness and releases LB Cedric McKinnon.

Week 8

FWS - Signs FB Kyle Obendorff and LB Mike Williams and releases FB Chris Rainey and LB Donovan LaVinness.

Week 5

LOU - Signs S Wardell Crutchfield and releases FB Marcus Whitehead.

Week 4

BIL - Signs WR Shalon Baker and releases FB Kyle Obendorf.

Week 3

POR - Signs WR Jeremy McDaniel and waives WR Shalon Baker.

HON - Signs WR James Hundon and waives TE Kerry Brown.


BIL - Signs free agent DE D.J. Bleisath and CB Zen Ellison and releases FB Brian Easter and G Lindsay Hassell.

COL - Signs free agent CB Trayvon Waller and releases QB Daymeune Craig.

FWS - Signs free agent DE Carl Reeves and releases HB Troy Sumrall.

HON - Signs free agent QB Andy Kelly and WR Jarrick Hillary and releases QB Zac Mills and WR Chris Perry.

LOU - Signs free agent T Darren Rothenberg and G James Davis and relases C Anthony Nobles and T Scott Hough.

POR - Signs free agent FB Johnny Frost and DE Blake Seeds and releases FB Brad LaCombe and G Randy Hart. Signs QB Kane Claunch and releases TE Bruce Lasane. Portland releases T Zack Rix.

MIS - Signs free agent TE Brian Greene and releases G Carlton Haselrig.

WCH - Signs rookie T Chris McGee and veterean S Naoki Kosho from protected list, waives C Todd Zaborac and S Dwaine Carpenter.


BIL - Signs WR Talaman Gardner, T James Paulk, C Jim Stiebel and S Lin-J Shell. Releases TE Andre Cooper.

BLK - Signs rookie HB Tristan Murray, FB Fred Staton, WR Scotty Anderson, C Sean McNamara, DE Raheem Orr, LB Liam Ezekiel, CB Kaloma Cardwell. Releases HB RB Rego Cooper, FB Brandon Warfield and WR Jeremy McDaniel. Signs HB RB Rego Cooper and WR Jeremy McDaniel to the protected list.

COL - Signs rookie FB Terrence Glover and LB Isaiah Grier.

CON - Signs rookie WR Josh Richey, T Julius Franklin, G Jason Russell, DT Phil Tillman, DE Henry Bryant, LB Paul Cronin and S Yaacov Yisrael. Releases veteran C Gus Zambano.

DAY - Signs rookie QB Chris Griesen, WR Cory McKinney, C Charles Missant, G Trevor Hutton, DT Edddie Freeman, DT Buck Gurley, LB George Heneley, LB Jamar Leath, CB Kitjana Thomas and S Ifeanyi Ohalete. Releases HB Ricky Wood, G Danny Loney, G Al Noga and DE Blake Seeds.

FGO - Signs rookie WR Marvin Stone, WR Torrey Day, TE Paul Keizer, G Tony Wragge, T Patrick Afif, DE Durrand Roundtree and CB Damian Daniels.

FWS - Signs rookie FB Ben Moa, T Ryan Mach, G Jeff Bolton, CB Randee Drew and S Jason Mikolayek.

HON - Signs rookie QB Zac Mills, HB Kirt Duhon, G Nick Brockington, DT Keith Glover, LB Tony Newsom, CB Mahlon Carey and S Jason Simpson. Releases veteran C Sai Poulivati.

LOU - Signs rookie HB Marcus Whitehead and WR Tiger Jones. Releases veteran QB Kane Claunch.

MAD - Signs rookie QB Quincy Carter, TE Boo Williams, C David Ashkinaz, T Lincoln Kennedy, T Terence Gibson, LB Matt Tripp, and CB Damien Huren. Releases HB Craig Taylor, FB Johnny Frost, FB Andre Hatcher, WR Jarrick Hillary, TE Larry Friday, LB George Williams, and S Wardell Crutchfield. Signs LB George Williams and S Wardell Crutchfield to the protected list.

MIS - Signs rookie QB Bart Hendricks, WR Tim Gilligan, DT James Cannida, DE Khreem Smith and CB Blake Farris. Signs rookie A.J. Haglund. Releases QB Sonny Cumbie and K A.J. Haglund to protected list.

MOB - Signs rookie HB Jason Corle, WR Travis Blanchard, C Derek Warehime, G Ed Ta'mu, S Jordan Van Otterloo. Releases veteran WR James Hundon and C Tom Gibson. Signs free agent rookie HB HB Eugene Goodman.

PEO - Signs rookie QB Jeff Smoker, HB Little John Flowers, WR Bakari Brown, TE Dwayne Carswell, T Ben Nash, G T-Bone Moore, and DT Guy Muzzard. Releases G Mike Henry. Signs G Mike Henry to protected list.

POR - Signs rookie HB Lee Marks, G Troy Sienkiewicz, G Brandon Eaton, LB Lawrence Taylor Jr and CB Ronnie Amadi. Releases G Mike Henry.

SPR - Signs rookie FB Lamontee Stephens, WR Charles Frederick, DE John Hilliard, LB Lawrence Lewis, CB Bruce Bailey and P Dan Beardell. Releases QB Andy Kelly, T Darren Rothenberg and P Marc Samuel. Adds P Marc Samuel to protected list.

STV - Signs rookie FB Joshua Rue, FB Joe Rivard, TE Damien Bauman, DT Akaba Delaney and S Andrew Higham. Releases FB Omar Bacon and TE Brian Greene.

TEN - Signs rookie WR Phil Goodman, TE Buchie Ibeh, C Bruce McClure, DE Chuckie Nwokorie and DE Ronald Jones. Releases FB Jamel Harris and signs to protected list.

WCH - Signs rookie C Chris Ekwieme and CB Charles Byrd. Releases TE Ryan Bethea and S Naoki Kosho. Signs rookie T Chris McGee and veteran S Naoki Kosho to protected list.


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