Monday, August 9th

Week 10

Fort Wayne trades QB Tony Graziani, DE Elfrid Payton and DT Austin Flyger to Portland for QB Ricky Ray, DT Ronald Fields and a 2nd round draft pick.
Teams should shop around as Portland gets a steal in this deal, getting Elfrid Payton and Austin Flyger and gives up just a 2nd round pick and a young, but unnecessary QB. Fort Wayne unloads some veterans, however now have 3 QB's creating a controversey. QB Tony Graziani is happy to return to a contender. After leading Fort Wayne to a 6-2 finish and a playoff birth in 2018, Graz is now a backup to Khari Jones on the 7-2 Portland squad. Graziani is 81-45-2 (64.1) all-time as a starter.

Week 9

Green Bay trades G Cameron Stephenson and LB Tyreo Harrison to Fort Wayne for QB Mike Pawlawski, FB Odesta Shannon and a 5th round draft pick.
Details coming soon.

Peoria trads WR Willie Quinne to Lexington for TE Andy Stokes.
Details coming soon.

Green Bay trades WR Kenny Higgins to Peoria for TE Chance Savage and a 4th round pick.
Details coming soon.

Week 8

Honolulu trades LB John Spadafore to Albany for a 3rd round draft pick and LB De'andre Lewis.
Details coming soon.

Week 7

Honolulu trades C Ted Londot, DE Elfrid Payton, S Delmonico Montgomery, 1st round pick to Fort Wayne for DE Antwan Harris, G Chris Conlin, and CB Randee Drew.
Details coming soon.

Week 4

Battle Creek trades C Christian Gaddis to Portland for a 1st round pick.
Portland gets a new starting Center in exchange for a 1st rounder.

Week 2

Pittsburgh trades CB Montrail Pittman to Green Bay for CB Heath Staples and a 7th round pick.
Heath Staples comes to Pittsburgh and will get the start at CB1.

Week 1

Portland trades G Conrad Dean to Honolulu for HB Woody Dantzler, WR Arland Bruce III and G Nick Brockington.
Portland gets three players for the one. Good deal for Portland overall.


Wichita trades T Andy Linder and a 5th round pick to Honolulu for DT Keith Glover.
Wichita trades away T Linder for DT Glover who has great upside, but so far has 11 tackles and 1.0 sack in his career with only one tackle last season.


Pittsburgh trades WR Rod Miller to Peoria for a 6th round pick.
The Gladiators trade away WR Rod Miller who had 3 career catches for 36 yards.

Pittsburgh trades HB Bo Carroll to Albany for a 2nd round pick.
The Firebirds look to get a boost in their ground game with Bo Carroll. High pick for Carroll, but last years starter Tony Collins has 1,947 yards and 3.4 average as Firebirds have struggled rushing the ball.

Battle Creek trades TE Jackie Warren to Springfield for a 6th round pick.
Springfield scores a great deal in getting Jackie Warren who has 232 career catches for 3,139 yards and 23 TD's at TE. Time to shop around... I'd given you a 5th.


Rochester trades G Matt DeRoche and a 1st round pick to Everett for their first round pick.
Everett gets G DeRoche as they trade first rounders.

Lexington trades their 2nd round pick in 2020 to Chesapeake for their 3rd-8th round picks in 2019.
Lexington continues to retool. Chesapeake's older veterans give their front office the finger and hang onto their roster spots for another year.