Saturday, September 4th

End Of Season

GBY- Signs QB Steve Bellisari and LB Derrick Pack and releases QB Adrian McPherson and LB Adam Wheatley.

Week 16

MIN- Signs DT Mike Cross and releases DE Al Lucas.

POR- Signs HB Kirt Duhon, T Tyrice Elleb and T Justin Bland and waives LB Derick Pack, C A.J. Blum and T Doug Kaufusi.

Week 15

PIT- Signs WR Mario Bailey. Places WR Dallas Baker on IR.

ROC- Signs DT Rachman Crable and releases QB Jeff Smoker.

Week 14

LEX- Signs HB Lorenzo Booker and release DT Rachman Crable.

Week 13

ROC- Signs QB Jeff Smoker and places C Mike Rodenhauser on IR.

LEX- Signs WR Adrian Cockfield and releases WR Mario Bailey.

CHE- Signs HB John David Washington and releases T Bruce Jackson.

LEX- Signs WR Mario Bailey and S Delmonico Montgomery and places WR Marvin Stone and DE T.J. Bingham on IR.

FWS- Signs WR Jarrett Hicks, WR Travis McGriff and WR Reggie Eubanks and releases T Seth Laviolette, LB Marlon Moye-Moore and S Delmonico Montgomery.

PEO- Places LB Dusty Bear on IR and signs QB Stephon Lefors.

Week 12

COL- Signs DT Vince Amey and places DT Karmul High on IR.

Week 10

FWS- Signs LB Dallas Sartz and releases DE Max McCoy.

SPR- Signs QB Clay Groefsma and releases DT Mike Cross.

Week 10

FWS- Signs K Jeff Glas.

POR- Releases LB David McMillan.

Week 9

POR- Signs K Ton-Ton Luzayadio and releases K Daron Alcorn.

Week 8

PEO- Signs K Erik Rockhold and releases K Ton-Ton Luzayadio.

Week 5

GBY- Places TE Kori Dickerson on IR and signs FB Chad Ginter.

Week 4

POR- Releases LB Joe Bevis.

Week 3

POR- Signs FB Wes Ours and releases DT Vince Amey. Amey had no stats through 2 games.

Week 2

POR- Signs LB Derrik Pack from protected list. Releases DT Jeff Ruffin. Releases QB Sonny Cumbie from the protected list.

Week 1

HON- Signs free agent WR Rasheed Marshall and assigns C Ted Londot to active roster from protected list.

POR- Assigns QB Sonny Cumbie and LB Derrick Pack to the protected list.

HON- Signs QB Todd Marinovich from the protected list and waives C Ted Londot to the protected list.


PEO- Signs WR Willie Quinnie and releases WR Rasheed Marshall.

POR- Signs DE Quince Holman and releases DE Chris Pope.

HON- Signs QB Todd Marinovich to the protected list.

ALB- Signs WR Markeith Cooper from the protected list and releases T Justin Bland.

POR- Signs HB Larry Ned, C A.J. Blum, G Jahdia Pickett and S Leonard Burress and releases FB Lorenzo Burrell, C Terry Phillips, C Jim Spencer and CB Eugene Padgett.

GBY- Signs FB Ben Moa, WR Greg Gales and G Jeff Bolton and releases WR Darcy Levy, G Bryan Stallings and CB Jonathan Ordway.

HON- Signs WR Roydell Williams and releases WR Jonathan Orr.

FWS- Signs DE Baraka Atkins and DT Dusty Dvoracek and releases G Jeff Bolton and DE Qunice Holman.

HON- Signs QB Todd Marinovich and releases WR Justin Taplin. Releases CB Evan Hlavecek from protected and signs CB Chris Canty to protected list.

PIT- Waives C Taylor Inglis to the protected list and and signs LB Marc Magro. Releases QB Drew Tate from the protected list.

PEO- Releases CB Ernie Smith and signs CB Rushen Jones.

POR- Releases T Clay Arnold and signs T Jason Hennigh.

PIT- Signs WR Dallas Baker.

PEO- Adds QB Jeff Smoker to the protected list.

HON- Releases WR Jarrick Hillery. Waives DT Keith Glover to the protected list and releases QB Mark Grieb to make room. Signs DT Kareem Brown and LB Anthony Schlegel.

ALB- Releases T Ben Olson, LB Marc Magro and CB Rushen Jones.

PIT- Transfers FB Rueben Mayes from protected list to the active roster. Signs QB Drew Tate and places on the protected list.

ALB- Waives WR Markeith Cooper to the protected list.

ROC- Signs drafted rookie T Jacob Bender and releases HB Kevin Coles.

FWS- Resigns veteran TE Chris Doering and releases WR Lamont Webb.


ALB- Signs rookie QB David Greene, HB Brian Calhoun, C Drew Hodgdon, DE Erasmus James and CB Brandon Harrison. Releases QB Todd Marinovich, T Chad Lackowski and LB Tom Gizzi. Signs Free Agent WR Ian Schmidt and S Terrell Maze and releases FB Wes Ours and DE Henry Brown.

BAT- Signs rookie QB B.J. Symons, WR Rheme McKnight, TE Quinn Sypniewski, and DT Claude Wroten. Waives QB Steve Bellisari to the protected list. Releases HB Kirt Duhon and G Jahdia Pickett.

CHE- Signs rookie FB David Kirtman, WR Mike Haas and C Robert Hunt.

COL- Signs rookie LB Dan Cody, LB David Pollack, LB Colt Brooks, DE Vincent Burns, CB Jerome Carter and K Brandon Coutu. Releases FB Dan Alexander, WR Robert Reed, LB Julian Graham, S Leonard Burress and K Jay Feely.

CON- Signs rookie HB Kenneth Darby, T Charles Spencer, DE Brian Smith, LB Leon Williams, S Donte Nicholson and CB Alan Zemaitis. Releases HB Larry Ned, OL Al Baysinger, OL Clenton Cochran, LB Adam Loyd and S Jermaine Thaxton.

EVE- Signs rookie WR Marques Hagans, C Drew Mormino, DT Quinn Pitcock and S Dustin Fox. Signs (from trade) Matt DeRoche in trade with Rochester. Releases FB Johnnie Balous, WR Willie Quinnie, G Zack Rogers, DE Demetrious Maxie and S Demetrius Derico.

FWS- Signs rookie QB Chris Leak, TE Tyler Ecker and T Adam Kieft. Releases WR Travis McGriff, TE Chris Doering and LB Adolph Brown. Signs free agent DE Max McCoy.

GBY- Signs C Junius Coston, G Cameron Stevenson and LB Terna Nande.

HON- Signs rookie HB Kenny Irons, WR Jonathan Orr, C Greg Eslinger, G Paul McQuistan, G Isaac Sowells, and CB David Pittman. Waives QB Mark Grieb and CB Evan Hlavecek to protected list. Releases T Justin Ard and T Alf Fertil.

LEX- Signs rookie FB Garrett Mills, TE Andy Stokes, T Wesley Britt, G Claude Terrell, DE Dan Bazuin, S Ethan Kilmer and CB Stanley Wilson. Waives T Clint Harrison and LB Jesse Ranek to protected list. Releases LB A.J. Novak, S Otis Mounds and CB Sammy Knight.

MIN- Signs HB Noah Herron, WR Yamon Figurs and T Anthony Alabi. Waives FB Chad Cinter and G Zachary LaMonda to the protected list. Releases T Jason Hennigh.

PEO- Signs WR Chad Jackson, T Chris Colmer and S Josh Gattis. Releases WR Craphonso Thorpe, T John Krick, and S Duane Joubert.

PIT- Signs rookie HB Cedric Humes, K Bjorn Nittmo, P Eric Wilbur and CB Anwar Phillips. Waives FB Rueben Mayes and K Erik Rockhold to the protected list. Releases P Louie Aguilar and CB Chameion Sutton.

POR- Signs rookie FB Eric Shelton, DT Ronald Fields, LB Boomer Ruud and LB David McMillan.

ROC- Signs rookie WR Mike Williams, CB Jimmy Williams and S Nate Salley.

SPR- Signs rookie QB Chase Daniel, TE Kevin Everett, C Doug Datish, LB Jordan Beck, DB Calvin Lowry and P Sean Douglas. Releases QB Robbie Jenkins, TE Derek Lee, OL Anthony Knutson, OL Charlie Morris, DB Dameon Porter, DB Johnell Wyatte and P David Davis.

TEN- Signs rookie HB Vernand Morency, WR Joel Filani, T Clint Oldenburg, LB Odell Thurman and CB Marviel Underwood. Waives FB Buck Harris and WR Mario Bailey to the protected list. Releases LB Earl Biddy and S Larry Sutton.

WCH- Signs DT Orien Harris, LB Buster Davis and CB Antonio Perkins. Waives WR Adrian Cockfield and LB Nyle Wiren to the protected list. Releases S DeForest Hart.


PEO- Signs free agent WR Rasheed Marshall and Carphonso Thorpe.

HON- Signs free agent S Tarryl Gano and releases T Darren Mullenberg.

ALB- Signs free agent G Brian Rimpf and CB Atcheson Conway and releases LB Jimmy Williams and S Quinlan Porter.