Be Sure to Download this File, Breaking out the Percentages in the Team Profiles section. This is the most important part of doing this: Download as a PDF or Download in Excel.

Notice who passes more - who runs more - what teams utilize the TE more, etc.

Also notice the non-reality, as Bettis for Pittsburgh averages 112 receptions between runs 1 and 2. Bettis is injured in 3rd run, Pegram takes over and runs 130 times for 7 yards !!!!. This is EXACTLY why we lower defense, adjust caps, etc. Just because they developed the game, DOES NOT mean they (Sierra Sports) perfected it.... WE Did!

1st Run (Set as No Injuries) 2nd Run (Set as No Injuries) 3rd Run (Injuries Active)
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Note to GMs: This is for entertainment purposes only and is certainly open to debate. These rankings are my opinion and in no way should these be totally taken seriously.