Monday, May 30th, 2022


Detroit trades S Arnold Tarpley III to Portland for their 4th round pick (SPR) in 2031.

Reno trades their 4th and 6th round picks in 2031 to Chesapeake for LB Kris Frost and S Adigwu Ikechikwu.


Springfield trades their 2031 5th Round Pick for KC’s 2030 6th Round Pick (6.91).

Springfield trades DT Kelly Gregg to Green Bay in return for drafted rookie DT Bill Goldbert and their 2nd round pikc in 2031.

Pittsburgh trades their 3rd round pick in 2031 for Portland's 3rd in 2030 (3.54).

Portland trades WR Diontae Spencer to Reno for HB Maurice Thigpen.

Detroit trades their 3rd and 4th round pick in 2030 to Kansas City for drafted rookie DE Stylez White.

Portland trades their 5th round pick in 2031 to Green Bay for DE Junior Ah You.

Connecticut trades CB Bill Alford to FWS for their 5th round pick in 2030.

Connecticut trades their 2030 4th round pick to Bismarck for WR London Crawford.

Detroit trades their 5th round pick in 2030 and 6th in 2031 to Pittsburgh for LB Tom Wort.

Green Bay trades DE Mike Raines to Reno for DE Ronheen Bingham.

Springfield trades their 2031 4th round pick to Portland for their 2030 4th round pick (4.65).

Springfield trades G Lance Nimmo to Honolulu for their 2030 5th round pick (5.88).