Monday, April 10th

End of Season

MIS- Signs K Mike Black and releases LB Rodney Jiles.

MOB- Activates DE Sam Hardy from IR and releases TE Larry Friday.

POR- Re-signs T Matt Weston and releases T Ben Olson.

WCH- Activates DE Sebastian Barrie from IR and releases K Mike Black. Releases CB Pat Davis from IR.

POR- Signs T Ben Olson, DE Teto Simpson and LB Joe Bevis and releases QB Bob Bees, T Matt Weston and LB Xamon Glasper.

SPR- Activates CB Jimmy Moore from IR and releases HB Anthony Collins.

FWS- Activates T J.T. Kirk from IR and releases QB Pat O'Hara.

FGO- Activates HB David Winbush from IR and releases HB Andre Bowden.

BLK- Activates CB Cliff Green from IR and releases FB Avion Weaver.

CON- Activates FB Bernard Hall from IR and releases LB Johnny Harrison

Week 16

FGO- Signs HB Andre Bowden and places HB David Winbush on IR.

Week 15

POR- Signs QB Bob Bees and releases DE Teto Simpson.

MAD- Signs LB Bryan Hawthorne and releases LB Terrell Washington.

Week 14

WCH- Signs DT LaMar Sharpe and S Naoki Kosho and places DE Sebastian Barrie and S Pat Davis on IR.

FWS- Signs G Abdul Shabaz-Wiggins and places G James Kirk on IR.

Week 13

MIS- Signs QB J.R. Davies and releases K Marco Morales.

Week 12

MOB- Places DE Sam Hardy on IR and signs TE Larry Friday.

SPR- Places CB Jimmy Moore on IR and signs HB Anthony Collins.

Week 10

BLK- Places CB Cliff Green on IR and signs FB Avion Weaver.

Week 9

WCH- Signs K Danny Kight and releases K J.D. Carlson.

CON- Signs LB Johnny Shepherd and releases QB Erik Wilhelm.

Week 8

FWS- Signs QB Pat O'Hara.

POR- Releases LB Johnny Shepherd.

TEN- Signs S Eric Redmon and places C John Levelis on IR.

BLK- Signs LB Anthony Parker and releases FB Avion Weaver.

Week 7

CON- Signs QB Erik Wilhelm and places HB Bernard Hall on IR.

WCH- Signs K J.D. Carlson and releases QB Erik Wilhelm.

MIS- Signs K Marco Morales and releasess CB Naoki Kosho.

Week 6

LOU- Signs G Anthony Nobles and releases G Derrick Byrd.

Week 5

MIS- Signs CB Naoki Kosho.

CON- Releases G Anthony Nobles.

MAD- Signs DE Jason White.

WCH- Signs G Ronnie Thompson and releases G Abdul Shabaz-Wiggins and DE Jason White.

CON- Signs QB James Brown and releases QB Johnny Johnson.

Week 4

MOB- Signs DT Monroe Burgess and releases QB James Brown.

Week 2

STV- Signs TE Al Whiting and releases DL Montrel Burgess.

Week 1

COL- Signs HB Rayshawn Askew

POR- Releases HB Anthony Collins.

SPR- Signs G Derrick Reynolds and releases T Ben Olson.

MOB- Releases T Ronnie Thompson and G Derrick Reynolds.

MIS- Releases HB Rayshawn Askew.

WCH- Signs DL Andrew Marlat. Releases G Anthony Knutson and S Marvin Abii.

POR- Releases LB Bryan Hawthorne and signs LB Josh Lidell.

BLK- Signs FB Avion Weaver to active roster and LB Anthony Parker to protected list.


POR- Signs rookie DE Teto Simpson, LB Warren Lott and CB Eugene Padgett and waives T Chris Howington, DE Travis Kleinbeck and LB Tyree Broden.

STV- Signs rookie free agent WR Adrian Cockfield G Zachary LaMonde and K John Wehrle and releases WR Anton Paige and K J.D. Carlson to the protected list. Releases LB Josh Lidell.

LOU- Signs QB Gary Porter and T Terrance Ware and releases QB Tommy Maddox and T Trevor Misipeka.

TEN- Releases rookie CB Chris Canty.

SPR- Signs rookie FB Travis Booker and releases T Terrance Ware.


BIL- Signs rookie HB Byron Allen, TE Marc Bacote, C Jason Hennigh, DT Marcus Keyes and S Hamin Milligan.

BLK- Signs rookie RB Josh White, WR Terrance Metcalf, G Lance Clelland, TE Phil McGeoghan, DE Alfred DuBose LB Tito Hannah and CB Chris Angel. Releases Anthony Parker. Releases FB Avion Weaver and DE Stan Rykowski to protected list.

COL- Signs rookie HB Sha-Ron Edwards, T Ahmad Bhatti, T Lamont Green and G Shan Grice.

CON- Signs rookie QB Adrian McPherson, HB Chad Dukes, TE Jackie Warren, T Paul Steffeck, G Al Baysinger, K Rob Bironas and P Andy Eminger. Releases P Jim Power and DT LaMar Sharpe. Signs Free Agent QB Johnny Johnson. Releases veteran QB Gary Porter and T Mike O'Donnell. Signs rookie C Jody Cantu to protected list.

DAY- Signs rookie WR Markeith Cooper, C J.T. Brown, T Justin Ard, DT Dan Rumishek, DT Darnell Rentie, LB Scott Power, and S DeAuntae Brown. Releases QB Mike Hold, T Imani Bell, and LB Jesse Wavrunek.

FGO- Signs WR Brian Poli-Dixon, C Bruce Jackson, K Chris Sailer, DT Albert Reese, LB Ronnie Nicks, LB A.J. Novak and S Wendell Davis and releases WR Miquel Irvin, C Brandon Kukla, K Marco Morales, P James Thomas, LB Jason Jones. Adds C Brandon Kukla and LB Jason Jones to protected list.

FWS- Signs rookie WR Lamont Webb, S Shon Flores and CB Donvetis Franklin. Releases K Gary Cipra to protected list.

HON- Signs rookie HB Dan Alexander, WR Mike Furrey, TE Steve Gerszewski and DE Aaron Humphrey,

LOU- Signs rookie QB Tommie Maddox, HB Roland Hayes, WR Ethnic Sands, WR Darcy Levy, and LB Leroy Thompson.

MIS- Signs rookie FB Charles Stackhouse, WR Jarrick Hillery, G Alan Symonette, T DeCorye Hampton, DE Alanzo Spellman, and S Chameion Sutton and releases veteran HB Rayshawn Askew to protected list.

MAD- Signs rookie DE Arpedge Rolle, DE Chris Browning, CB Joey Flora, CB Art Smith and CB Roy Salas.

MOB- Signs rookie WR Adam Herzing, G Hans Olsen, DT Anthony Hutch and LB Carlos Bellamy.

PEO- Signs rookie T Marlon Glaspie, LB Dwayne Sabb, LB Lamain Rucker, DT Noah Abdul-Salam and DT Angel Rubio. Releases LB Jon Eberspacher.

POR- Signs rookie QB Joe Hamilton, LB Willie Smalls and LB Bryan Hawthorne. Releases veteran QB Bob Bees and CB Falanda Newton. Signs QB Bees and CB Newton to protected list.

SPR- Signs rookie QB Sonny Cumbie, C David Ashkinaz, G Aaron Johnson, DE Chris Pope, S DeForest Hart and CB Daemon Porter. Releases G Derrick Jinks.

STV- Signs rookie FB Johnnie Balous, C A.J. Blum, LB Jamaal Cherry and S Stacy Edwards.

TEN- Signs rookie HB Brad Lee, WR Mario Bailey, TE Jackie Warren CB Antuan Simmons, CB Joey Longoria and CB Chris Canty. Releases HB Richard Prather, WR Bret Cooper and TE Lance Strother. Adds WR Bret Cooper and TE Lance Strother to protected list.

WCH- Signs rookie HB Emmitt Hunter, HB LeAndre Moore, G Anthony Knutson, DT Jermaine Bradfield and LB Lernard Mack. Releases K Danny Kight, DL Andrew Marlat and LB Bryan Kjar. Signs Free Agent CB Justin Creason and S Marvin Abii. Adds DL Andrew Marlat and LB Bryan Kjar to protected list.


MAD- Signs QB Richard Fuentes.

WCH- Signs WR Jeff Hewitt and DT Andrew Marlatt.

POR- Signs DE Travis Kleinbeck and LB Tyree Broden.