Thursday, September 28th

End of Season

MAD - Signs FB Kevin Coles and releases DE John Corker.

MOB - Activates G Gabe Dunkman and LB Willie Smalls from IR & releases WR Greg Hopkins and LB Xamon Glasper.

WCH - Activates QB Jim Ballard from IR and releases QB Pat O'Hara.

Week 17

MIS - Signs WR Tony Locke and releases TE Magic Benton.

POR - Signs HB Prescott Hill, DE Travis Kleinbeckand and LB Joe Bevis and waives FB Frank Leatherwood, LB Yepi Pauu, and S Pat Mcguirk.

Week 15

MOB - Places LB Willie Smalls on IR and signs LB Xamon Glasper.

WCH - Signs HB George Patterson and releases K Marco Morales.

Week 14

WCH - Places QB Jim Ballard on IR and signs QB Pat O'Hara. Releases DB Pat Davis and signs WR Jarrick Hillary.

Week 13

MOB - Places G Gabe Dunkman on IR and signs WR Greg Hopkins.

Week 10

FWS - Signs DE Scott Camper.

MOB - Releases S Kyle Syres.

Week 9

MIS - Signs LB Bard Barnard and releases HB Basil Proctor.

Week 8

WCH - Signs DT Noah Abdul-Salam.

MIS - Releases WR Greg Hopkins.

Week 7

CON - Signs DE Stan Rykowski and releases WR Tony Locke.

LOU - Signs HB Basil Proctor and releases LB Bart Barnard.

Week 5

LOU - Signs DT Pete Walters and releases HB Leotis Flowers and FB Rodney Filer.

MIS - Signs WR Greg Hopkins.

MAD - Releases WR Ben Bronson.

HON - Signs FB Ivan Ceasar and releases QB Ron Lopez.

HON - Signs QB James Brown and releases HB Andre Bowden.

MIS - Signs LB Bart Barnard and releases K A.J. Haglund.

Week 4

COL - Signs FB FB Jim Kitts and DE Asi Faoa.

WCH - Signs K Marco Morales and releases C Zack Rogers.

CON - Signs QB Matt D'Orazio and releases QB James Brown.

LOU - Signs LB Gary Howe and releases LB Xamon Glasper.

Week 3

LOU - Signs C Eric Arrington and releases T Anthony Daily.

HON - Signs HB Andre Bowden.

MOB - Signs HB Ron Janes, S Hamin Milligan and CB Klye Sires and releases C Eric Arrington, DT Stan Rykowski and LB Gary Howe.

WCH - Signs TE R.J. Anderson and releases DL Pete Walters.

WCH - Signs WR Adrian Cockfield and releases FB Basil Proctor.

Week 2

STV - Signs QB Matt Sauk and releases QB Matt D'Orazio.

CON - Signs WR Tony Locke and releases QB Matt Sauk.

WCH - Signs CB Pat Davis and releases DT Noah Abdul-Salam.

MIS - Signs TE Magic Benton.

POR - Releases FB Jim Kitts.

Week 1

POR - Signs FB Jim Kitts and releases HB Ron Janes.

CON - Releases FB Jim Kitts.


LOU - Signs T Anthony Daily and cuts T Jon Roelk.

POR - Signs HB Robert Warren and LB Brian Stromberg and releases HB Prescott Hill and LB Joe Bevis.

MIS - Signs TE Sale' Key and S Michael Feagin, releases K Michael Black and CB Pat Davis.

SPR - Signs CB Johnell Wyatte.

CON - Releases LB Johnny Harrison.

BIL - Signs rookie FB Chad Ginter, WR Steve Smith, G Jahdia Pickett, G Juan Parra, T DeCorye Hampton, DT T.J. Gholston, and LB Darvell Bivens. Cuts T Anthony Daily and S Hamin Milligan. Releases HB Lorenzo Graham and LB Bart Barnard to protected list.

BLK - Signs rookie HB Paris Moore, FB Brandon Warfield, WR Noah Fehrenbach, WR Jeremy McDaniel, OL Pete Traynor, OL Quincy McCall, DE Dwayne Missouri, LB Dominic Reyes and CB Micheaux Robinson. Cuts FB Josh White and OL Pete Porcelli. Releases HB Rashaan Dumas and DT Pete Walters to protected list.

COL - Signs rookie QB Clay Groefsema, DT Karmul High, CB Montrail Pittman, and CB Greg Yeldell.

CON - Signs rookie K Remy Hamilton and DT Marcus Adams.

DAY - Signs rookie HB Brecian Faggs, K Steve Videtich, DT Corey Sykes, CB Larry Thompson, CB Simon Bergen and S Jerry Jones.

FGO - Signs rookie G Ray Taupule, DE T.J. Bingham, LB Jay Murphy and S Sammy Knight. Releases LB Brian Stromberg, S Jason Speights and S Micheal Feagin.

FWS - Signs rookie DE Eugene Phillips, DE Blake Seeds, LB Troy Pelshak and CB Ortheese Wells. Cuts P Marty Kent and DE Scott Camper.

HON - Signs rookie QB Steve Bellisari, WR T.T. Toliver, DE Isaac Mooring, LB Kailan Williams and LB Levelle Brown. Cuts QB Paul Justin.

LOU - Signs rookie QB Raymond Philyaw, HB Bam Morris (traded) WR George Williams, T Adrain Brayboy, DT Al Lucas, DE Arnold Miller and S Wayne Fauntelroy releases HB Lynn Bradford and OL Luther Johnson.

MAD - Signs rookie QB Julian Reese, WR Ben Bronson, HB Odesta Shannon, T Matt DeRoche and DE Reggie Smith. Cuts QB Johnny Johnson, HB Rick Hamilton and TE R.J. Anderson. Releases T Ed Gilles and G Greg Swartwoudt to the protected list. Signs Free Agent WR Anthony Arceneaux and releases WR P.J. Winston.

MIS - Signs rookie HB Bam Morris (via trade), FB Ricky Brown, WR Carmello Ocasio, WR Greg Gales, TE Sale' Key, T Steve Mascorro, K J.J. Phair and LB Keyvon Barbee. Releases QB J.R. Davies, WR Jarrick Hillery, TE Magic Benton, OL Jo Jo Oliphant and K Bruce Reinecker. Adds WR Jarrick Hillery and OL Jo Jo Oliphant to protected.

MOB - Signs rookie TE Travis McAlpine, WR Travis McGrig, WR Waddell, WR Troy Bergeron and G McDermott. Releases HB Tony Burse. Releases WR Greg Hopkins and WR Kerry Simien to protected list.

PEO - Signs rookie FB Justin Ash, WR Kevin Swayne, C Major Griffen, C J.D Verchuere, DT John Schlecht, DT Craig Atkins, LB Kevin Buck, S Quinlan Porter and CB Ernie Smith. Cuts OL Derrick Byrd, OL Walter Glover, DL Noah Abdul-Salam, and DL Angel Rubio. Releases FB Frank Leatherwood and OL Adrian Pruitt to protected list.

POR - Signs rookie HB Prescott Hill and TE Lacorey Collins. Releases HB Tony Citizen and WR Taqua Thrasher to protected list.

SPR - Signs rookie QB Robbie Jenkins, HB De'Wayne Hogan, WR Maurice Lee, OL Paris Long, DT Tim Morabito, LB Darius Smith and CB Johnell Wyatte. Cuts OL Ben Olsen.

STV - Signs rookie WR James Roe, DE Roy Locks, LB Tito Wooten, CB Jamaal Fletcher and CB Nate Coggins.

TEN - Signs rookie FB Buck Harris, TE Calvin Hall, T Tyshaun Whitson, and S Antar Brame. Releases C John Levelis to the protected list.

WCH - Signs rookie WR Lavell Bailey, C Zack Rogers, T Andy Linder, G Mark Frates, P Nathan Trout, DE James Spikes, LB Duke Pettijohn and S Fred Booker. Cuts DT LaMar Sharpe. Releases P Jerry Chapman and DT Jermaine Bradfield to protected list. Signs Free Agent HB Rick Hamilton and releases HB Les Barley.


CON - Signs LB Johnny Harrison.

MAD - Signs QB Johnny Johnson, G Anthony Knutson and K Nick Gatto and releases WR Anthony Arceneaux.


MAD - Signs TE Dan Fichter.

POR - Signs HB Ron James.

MAD - Signs P.J. Winston, WR Anthony Arceneaux and TE Larry Friday.

POR - Signs HB Tony Citizen, WR Anton Paige and WR Taqua Thrasher.

SPR - Signs OL Ben Olson and releases OL Derrick Reynolds.

LBB - Signs LB Xamon Glasper.

WCH - Signs DE Travis Kleinbeck.

MIS- Signs CB Pat Davis.